Saturday, August 26, 2006


So far for the month of August I have over 45,000 image views in my galleries.
This leads me to believe that people like looking at images of horses. Profound deduction eh? :)
And thats not a bad thing. One thing that became clear to me in my travels in the US and Europe is that the horse culture in europe is so much more deeply entrenched. I envy them that. This was really evident to me while at Aachen last year. While here in the US, we have removed the horse to certain areas where only those that actively seek can find them or even really hear much about them or give a fleeting thought when perhaps seeing a horse help sell a car or truck from a billboard. "horse country" is ever shrinking due to urban sprawl and all those big box shopping centers and other consuming needs for land and resources.
Its kind of sad. I'd like to see the horse brought back more into our culture here in the US, but I guess NASCAR has secured that spot. ;)
I am undaunted. I will just continue creating and recording images of these beautiful creatures and the people who love them wherever and whenever I can find them.

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