Monday, September 25, 2006

Dressage at Devon - The day before

The landmark grandstands at Devon in early morning sunrise.

The day before DaD starts is all about setting up every aspect of what it takes to get the grounds in shape, decorated, the footing in the rings just right. Vendors from all over the US setting up shops in tents and various little buildings. The grandstands are the hallmark of DaD and all have had a fresh coat of paint and colorful mums galore decorate the scene.
Our photogaphy crew spends the day setting up, moving into the little photo building at the end of the gold ring. Setting up the signup and display tent next to it. All day horses are hauling in, grooms are busy setting up the stalls for the horses entered in the breed show. Large vans are rolling in all day and unloading. A variety of horses are being walked around in the warm up. Eyes wide, handlers on their toes as the young horses eye the tents being set up and the tractors driving to and fro.
I know I am gonna work hard. All those horses...that very thick program we just picked up at the secretary's office. Its gonna be a busy week!

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