Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dancing at Devon

Saturday night was the big night. The grandstands were packed. GP Freestyle under the lights with the weather holding off, just threatening with a few droplets once or twice. Courtney King, who had won the GP the night before with a lovely ride on Idocus came back on Saturday with many in the crowd clearly behind her. But it was not to be. She took second to Cesar Parra on Galant du Serein. Courtney, struggling to keep up with her music which had been very precisely timed with each movement, later found out that the CD player had malfunctioned for all of the riders by playing their music too fast. Cesar, giving Galant du Serein a break from the over stimulating honors round, took himself around on foot wearing the blue ribbon and carrying the trophy, playing showman to the cheering crowd. After the winners had returned to the barns, music-with-a-beat-ya-gotta-dance-to cranked up and a Devon tradition commenced. The crowds in the stands came down and had a dance party in the dressage court to the amusement of all. I was told that I had finally really experienced Devon. Indeed. :)

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