Friday, January 25, 2008

Looking Forward To a New Website

Its way past time to remodel my website. It just doesn't work for me and doesn't show off my work very well. Mainly it is a portal to my smugmug galleries and this blog.
I have been studying website designs and having such a tough time choosing. I want something easy to navigate, enjoyable to spend time looking through, with a clean design. I am really liking some of the new flash sites with slide shows and music that you can choose to hear or turn off. I worry about those with slow internet connections. So as my old site limps along, sadly out of date, rest assured that I am workin on it but I have decisions to make!
The image above is of Nokota mustangs


SaraStafford said...

Ooh, looking forward to seeing the new site. I'm trying to decide what I want on mine when I get around to making it! Way too many decisions for moi...

Cyndie Planck said...

Lots of work, I am trying to update and revamp also. Always a journey!

How is puppy hood coming along?

Mary said...

Finding someone to help me build the site without spending $6,000 is my next goal. That's a lot of 8x10's!

And since others have asked as well... a puppy update!