Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jumpin into Summer

I have seemingly many irons in the fire, and par for my life, all will come to fruition at once. Announcements will follow as they become ready for prime time until then, its delightful mayhem and a little bit of intrique.

I have also been researching some art pieces that I am hoping to get started work on. Being that the style is deeply rooted in history, I am trying to learn as much as I can before I start playing with it all for real.

Aside from some farm calls *looks out the window and shakes her fist at the clouds* next on my schedule of appointments is attending the Columbia Equine Hospital 25th Anniversary Open house and Unwanted Horse Benefit on June 21. I have been invited to have a display and be on hand to chat and show some of my work. There will be lots going on. Visit their website here for more information. Its a very nicely done website. Columbia Equine Open House

The following weekend I will be in Tulelake California covering the Cascade Chapter dressage show. I have fond memories of competing and photographing at Tulelake years ago and am eager to get back in the area to visit that springy ground and enjoy my time, especially the BBQ night!

The vaulting photo above was taken at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby in Florida earlier this year.


ccg said...

Happily I have never had THAT much air between me and my horse.


Jen Travers said...

This is such an awesome photo! I think it makes every horse person think to themselves "Wow, I have a hard enough time keeping up with my horse when I'm on him, let alone when you're hovering 4 feet above him!"

Nice catch!