Monday, January 05, 2009

Looking towards 2009

and away from 2008. With the US economy settling deeper into the big hurt, one can't help but wonder what 2009 holds in store for us all. Not to mention the future of equine photographers who face more and more competition and fewer publishing venues as the print industry tightens it's collective belt.

What kind of a year will it be and how do we photographers prepare our businesses for the uncertain future? To listen to the media doom and gloom, one could expect to step outside and see a vast burned out wasteland of what used to be bustling cities and towns. But we're all still here and I believe we will weather this storm. I've decided to respond to the uncertainty by trying to remain positive. I've gotten my gear cleaned and repaired and ready for another year of work. I've started filling in my calendar with appointments and travels.
Perhaps a little belt tightening, proceeding with a slight bit more caution on business purchases, but proceeding ahead nonetheless. Happy New Year everyone, lets make it a good one.


Julie Blair said...

Hi Mary, Love the sentiments in this post. I too am remaining hopeful and positive that things will turn around and we can all be successful this year! Thakns for sharing your thoughts.

jane augenstein said...

Hi Mary, beautiful pictures. I too hope that the economy turns around and things start looking up.
May you have much success in the coming year.

Mary said...

Hi Julie and Jane. I appreciate your comments. Thank you!