Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Road Trip!

My 2009 FEI World Cup Vegas press credentials arrived yesterday reminding me that I am soon to be on the road for an extended trip. First stop will be Scottsdale Arizona where I will meet up with some of my Vision 18 Collective friends and take in the Scottsdale Arabian show for a day or two.
Then, back on the road driving through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and finally to Florida where I will be helping Sue Stickle photograph the Palm Beach Dressage Derby. I've never driven across the US and winter is the best time to travel the southern side of the country. I'm thinking that the width of Texas might be a good time to see if that DVD player in the back works... at least for one of us. Since we have a newer vehicle with 4k miles on it, this will be its break in trip. 2 dogs will be coming along, our 2 laid back senior citizens who love car travel and sleep. Zesty Dottie will be with the breeders attending some shows. Am I clever or what. I can't imagine Dottie spending all that time in a car without starting to bounce off the windows.

We will also be staying a week at a Zen center in Mary Esther Florida and I have been promised that I get to see some of the real south while there. (that doesn't mean the tourist spots) *cue banjos* Needless to say, the whole trip will be well pictorially documented!
I will have access to internet much but probably not all of the time and my Blackberry will keep me up on emails, but any photo orders will have to be completed "as I can". I'll bring along my 2008 external Hard drive so that I have access to files for any "emergencies".
I expect to be gone 3-4 weeks. So stay tuned for some road updates!

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