Sunday, May 31, 2009

Color in the Steens

As I sit in a motel in Burns with Cyndie Planck waiting for repairs to be done on her vehicle,  I decided to entertain myself by going through some of the images I was able to capture yesterday.  Here are a few of the beautiful colors we found in a herd just a few miles up the road out of Frenchglen before having to ride the tow truck back to Burns. (maybe I'll get time for that story later!)   Looking through my images, I am feeling frustrated knowing that those horses are up there and we are stuck here in Burns until the truck is able to be repaired, so we are going to take our wide angle lenses out for a walking tour of Burns in hopes of finding some old buildings of character to photograph.  So until we return... enjoy the first glimpse of that which we seek.    p.s. the sagebrush is lush and aromatic this time of year.  Awesome!

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