Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wine and Draft Horses

Memorial Day weekend was busy with travel and socializing. Wine tasting on Sunday at Quailhurst Estates, the home of Deborah and Marvin Hausman, several wonderful dressage horses and the beautiful vineyards with a panoramic view of the valley below. We came home with some very tasty 2006 port.
On Saturday we had driven over the mountains to Bend to help celebrate the American Cream Draft stallion Barney's 21st birthday. Barney is credited with a large part in helping to restore the once nearly extinct American Cream Draft population in the US.
I have written about this breed before in previous posts. Last year I spent a day with the herd of Creams at Cream Acres in Bend Oregon. Four new babies were foaled this year at Cream Acres and I delighted in photographing their antics. And of course Barney, freshly bathed and looking fantastic for his 21 years, was on hand to be admired by well wishers.

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