Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dressage at Devonwood

I am not sure who is having the most fun here, Freestyle winners Jessica Wisdom or Northforks Cardi. This image is by Sharon Fibelkorn. I had a similar image, but I decided I liked hers better because she was sitting down on the ground for more dynamic angle. Sharon is a familiar face at Dressage at Devonwood, this was her 4th year helping me to photograph the event. She will return to help photograph the ODS Championships in September.

The 10th Dressage at Devonwood is history and I am left with almost 10,000 images to sort, edit, trying to be ruthless in my culling. Then I must prepare the surviving proofs for several galleries. I am working on that as fast as I can! Well, mostly as fast as I can. I had to catch up a little sleep here and there and water the garden for the hot days this week and do the usual bookwork that comes with serving a show of this magnitude.
Okay, perhaps I chased a few shiny things that floated past my desk, but other than that, I am working hard and expect to have the proofs posted soon.

The three days of dressage found almost perfect summer weather. A bit warm on Friday, but then things settled down to more tolerable temps. On Sunday we had sun and a breeze. Lots of vendors,including wineries and a brewery, art, clothing, massage and tack booths. There were several picnics in evidence around the grounds and good times in the VIP tents. And music, and flowers and evergreen trees (shade!) and lots of soft green grass. The setting sun made a spectacular showing through the trees at the end of the day on Saturday. The image above shows the sun's last rays setting on the tents of vendor village.


Julie Blair said...

Beautiful images Mary! I hope to make this show someday....thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

Thanks Julie!