Friday, August 14, 2009

Life swirls and the images are all around us

This time of year time just goes too fast. As a photographer I must make hay while the sun shines. Photographing dressage shows, sport horse events, breed inspections and showcases and farm calls. All of that running around time, gathering images is doubly matched at the computer downloading, backing up, editing, processing, uploading, delivering etc etc etc. Its a busy time and I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.

So far for the month of August, I have played host to photographer friend Amy Riley from Massachusetts. She flew in and helped me photograph the Arabians in Motion Sport Horse Classic and AHA Region 4 Sport Horse Championships. After the show, off we went up the Columbia River Gorge to visit June Boardman and her wonderful White Horse Vale, home of one of the largest Lipizzan breeding operations in the country. Its a beautiful farm with irrigated green pastures in the front and a 100 acres in the back of wide open skies and prairie-like grass lands. Aside from the mature horses in various degrees of under saddle and dressage, the mares and foals and 4 or 5 stallions, she runs a small herd of young Lipizzans growing and maturing in the best way possible out on that 100 acres. Amy was surprised to find that Lipizzans come in bay as well as gray. The curious bay in the photo above was going to figure out the whole camera thing before we could leave.
We arrived in late afternoon and after some scouting and visiting with the herds, we waited for that golden hour as the sun sank in the sky, out came the cameras and we had a wonderful time with beautiful horses and wondrous light over the landscape.

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Cyndie Planck said...

Gorgeous Mary, as always!