Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Catching Up

Much behind in updating my blog and so much has happened. I was swept up into the whirlwind of photographing several events in a row which always take days afterward at the computer sorting, editing and processing images for uploading to galleries. At the same time, I am processing the photo orders that come in while scheduling some farm visits for private photo sessions and then before I knew it, it was mid September and time to photograph the Oregon Dressage Society Open and Championship show.
I originally had my pal Sharon Fibelkorn scheduled to help me photograph the show, but due to some back issues and resulting physical therapy schedule, she found herself having to stay home and get better. So I was faced with the challenge of going it alone. The show grounds of Devonwood cover a lot of acreage and the hills really add to the travel time from ring to ring, the obvious solution is to employ a golf cart. Whizzing ala cart from ring to ring, I was able to photograph the show by myself, covering all but 2 of my sign ups, for which I am heartily sorry, but I tried!
As soon as I was able to get the proofs uploaded online to my galleries, I packed my bags and on my birthday, no less, drove to Helena Montana for 4 days of dog showing and exploring the general area with my "dog friends" Jenny and Dana Merritt. We celebrated obtaining the final points necessary for the Dot's AKC conformation Championship. She is now Ch Trugrip Rockin Merengue aka Dottie.
After the show series, my friends headed back to Seattle and Dottie and I headed east towards more adventures. More about those later.

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