Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its Looking Like Spring, all the World is Shedding Hair

Spring is in the air.  The daffodils are blooming, the horses are shedding and shows are starting.   I just spent a couple of days at Devonwood last weekend photographing competitors at the Blue Ribbon Schooling Show.  A great way to get the young ones out,  first time in the show ring people, and those practicing the tests for that level they moved up to over the winter.   It was sunny and chilly, but definite warmth was offered by the sun if you were lucky enough to get the time to stand out in it.

 Don't be fooled by this first image, he is not being naughty, he's just got a good bascule going on.
After all, its SPRINGGGG in the air.... so to speak. 

There were clip jobs and colorful horses and young rambunctious horses and very patient horses and supporters in the form of family, friends, trainers and show volunteers. 
Proof galleries for the show and all my upcoming 2010 shows can be found here.
right:  backlighting by a strange thing called the sun shed new light on barn chores.

left: The beautiful outline on this guy caught my eye as he went past. As did those great spots below.

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