Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

I always slack off on my blog updates this time of year not only because they are doomed to be incredibly boring but also because any time I take to write one means that I am slacking on that pile of work on my desk.  Traditionally July-August-September are my busiest months because I am photographing horse shows, breed inspections and photo sessions at farms and stables. 
I have several new Elder horse images that are waiting in the wings until things settle down with my schedule.  Proofs from my events can always be found on my gallery site.

With the addition of my Elder Horse Project, my dance card is sending me all over Oregon and Washington.   The response has been super.  Who would have thought that there were so many of our elder horses tucked into the nooks and crannies of our horse community.  A testament to the advancement of good veterinary care, feeding and management, not to mention the dedication to giving horses forever homes as our companions instead of being just a livestock commodity.   In addition to my elder horse photo shoots, several people tend to ask "as long as I am there"  can I also photograph other horses in the barn that do not meet the elder horse criteria..  So I have been scheduling these horses in with the elders at a nice session discount.   So yes I can do it and happy to since it saves people money and helps to keep this project afloat!
 Dressage at Devonwood produced a record number of sign ups and kept my staff and I hopping.  We had a blast and were so thankful for the moderately warm weather.  Thank you to Sharon Fibelkorn and Jenn Hogan for all your help and thank you to everyone that signed up.  Additionally, it is always so much fun to see our Canadian friends come down to add an international flavor to the show.
I just finished up a photo shoot for Practical Horseman at Oz Inc with Shelley Campf.  Finally!  It had been delayed by all the rainy weather we experienced a few months back and then by busy schedules.

I had elected to split up my responsibilities as Official Photographer for the AIM Sport Horse Classic & AHA Region IV Sport Horse Championships this year.  I photographed the dressage portion and had Cyndie Planck and Sibbea Browning photograph the rest of the show.  The proofs are in process and I  link will soon be found on my proof galleries for Cyndie and Sibbea's proof galleries of the AIM show.

This weekend is the ODS Breeders Shows and the following week is the ISR/OLD Inspection at Oakhurst Farm.  Looking forward to it!  I love photographing for the sport horse breeders in our region.  
Rolling on into September is the ODS Championship and Open show.  My last competition to photograph for the season.  As always, early sign up is available for photographic services online. 
The ODS Ch Show is one of the qualifying shows for my Love My Loyal Customer Reward.  Sign up for 3 qualifying shows and get 20% off on prints until December 31, 2010.

If you have read this far, Bless You!  Pretty boring blog update. :)  I
I probably should have just said  Workin! Talk to ya later!     I never was succinct.
I leave you with this little bit of excitement.  This horse went flying back to his stall sans rider at the AIM SH Classic at Devonwood and the horse performing his dressage test in the arena just yards away never batted an eyelash.
addendum: alright, it is fitting to note that the horse galloping past is a boarder's horse (non arab)  and the horse in the arena that just kept doing his job was an Ay-rab.  Thanks Lisa Kolke for making it okay for me to say that.

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