Thursday, August 26, 2010

Servano - Elder Horse

My most recent elder horse is Conversano II Pirouette.  A Lipizzaner horse that I have photographed over the course of  his competition life.  Ever since he was starting out in dressage with Brooke Voldbaek his trainer and current owner.   I swear Brooke and Servano grew up together. 
  Servano is now 24 yrs old and with his joints growing stiff, he is looking towards his well earned retirement in Central Oregon.  On this day, he wasn't looking like a horse ready to retire as he performed for my camera giving up some classic Lipizzan style movements.  Levade, courbette and  a fascinating repertoire of facile lip movements that had us all laughing .

Very social and always a character, Servano performed for us in the field as the last rays of warm August sunlight were fading over the hill.  I enjoyed my visit with him and he seemed to enjoy all of the attention.

One more show to photograph (ODS Championships) as my event schedule starts to draw down for the season I can get back into high gear for the farm and stable sessions.  I have several more elder horses and not so elder horses to visit and photograph before the rains come.   As we roll on into September, the light gets soft with a wonderful warm glow and with any luck at all, we will have some lovely Fall color to frame my subjects in their portraits.
For those of you that have inquired about farm calls and elder horse sessions, I will be contacting you soon to nail down some dates!  


MHobbs said...

Hi Mary: Loved looking at the photos of the elder statesman, Servano. What a handsome, good-looking guy! He is highly regarded at my barn FarmHill Equestrian; Servano took Harriet Hauser's working student Chrissy Poulton to winning championship at 3rd level one year:-) I have a strong connection with this horse because he is my horse's (Henry Half N Half) grandsire. The family tree includes spectacular breeding, including some of Col Alois Podjasky's favorites. Thank you for featuring him on your Facebook account. Servano has been and still is an incredible ambassador. Marcia Hobbs

Sucre` said...

Hi Mary,
I was so pleased to see that you photographed Servano for the elder horse project. I received my photos of Palermo (Conversano Elissa) and they are beautiful. Servano is his sire!
Dianne Byers

Horseshooter said...

Boy, he is a handsome gent, would love to see more of your session! Looks like you really did him justice.