Friday, April 15, 2011

Editorial Work - Wild Turkey Farm Article

 When Lauren Baker and I first started planning our article on Wild Turkey Farm, a major new breeding and training facility out side of Portland, Oregon I envisioned shiny horses grazing on green spring grass and the beautifully designed barns nestled so appealingly into the landscape all bathed in sunlight and awash in spring renewal.  I had been planning interior barn shots, with warm light streaming in through the windows high up near the cathedral ceilings.  Blue sky, puffy clouds, great expansive wide angle shots.... oh yes, I had it all planned out in my head. Instead, we arrived at the farm during one of February's most blustery, wet and gray days where the wind whispered the chill of potential snow.
This turn of events called for plan B.  Faster lenses, and very little time spent outside.   Entering the main training barn gave me a quick adjustment of my mindset.   I decided that I would have plenty to photograph inside, as the interiors of the barns are beautiful and worthy of a visit from Architectural Digest.  With so much to see, I was kept on the move to keep up with "the tour".  No time for a well studied setup of camera on tripod, which would have been my fussy preference for maximum quality in low light. It was shoot and go editorial style.  Perhaps you have driven past the farm on Wilsonville Road and wondered just what goes on behind those gates, you can   Read the article here.  

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