Friday, January 03, 2014

Ah Winter...and another year ticks over on the Calendar

Because I hit it pretty hard in the "sunny months" (a relative term here in the rain belt of Oregon) I tend to take the Winter time to recharge and focus on gaining new skills and playing around with concepts and planning projects that interest me. Sometimes I find myself just having some fun and not making photography at all.  Like throwing some paint on a few architectural pieces, kind of gypsy style.  I intend to throw more paint around on things, I find it rather therapeutic.

Then comes the business planning for 2014.  I find that psychologically we always get all "clean house and begin anew" energy all revved up.   January is fun that way.  Oh the possibilities of a fresh new year.

 I've had some inquiries about my workshops already for this year, so I thought I had better get on it.  I have two on location group type workshops in the planning stage and some other ideas for smaller group sessions for more intensified work.
 Then I started thinking a bit more and a bit more and then the ideas started coming a bit too fast and furious and I got excited by all of the possibilities.  Of course I was spurred on by a chat with my friend Kim Vickrey and we came up with all kinds of reasons for her to come back out this way and run off on some Airstream adventures as well as some photo shoots and workshop ideas.  Love it when that happens.   Often a period of do no thinking rewards you with an extra level of creativity.

I bought a weekend with artist Kimry Jelen as part of her fundraiser to get her work to the World Equestrian Games in France later this year.  I just love the color, texture and shapes that she uses in her work featuring horses as well as landscapes and a few other subjects.    Kimry is going to give some painting lessons to a small group.  She is supplying the materials.  We have 4 people attending.  Room for a couple more. Let me know if you think you might be interested in spending two 4 hour days taking some painting lessons (and most likely enjoying some wine and lots of fun)  You don't have to be a painter to join.  I haven't painted a picture since I was in my early 20's! So I expect to be pretty ...uh basic!   It will be located in the greater Portland area.

I am looking forward to taking my Airstream down to Death Valley before it gets hot. (that means soon)  Lots of landscape and night sky photography to be had there.  As well as warmer temps and just enjoying the energy that flows from absorbing nature vs the city.  If all goes according to plan, my partner in crime Sharon Fibelkorn Chapman will join me!   So looking forward to it.  Just a few more modifications to ye olde Airstream and we will be good for a big road trip and desert campin!

I will be photographing a few dressage shows and inspections as usual and always available to schedule private sessions at your farm or stable.  I am also going to try to add some formal portrait sessions at some shows.  Watch for my 2014 schedule once I have it confirmed and ready to post.
 I'm looking forward to an interesting year!

 My Happy New Year card to you all. 2014 Year of the Horse. Lets help to make it a year of peace, harmony and more understanding of all living things.

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