Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Unenthusiastic Blogger

 I know, I know, I'm a really boring blogger (in case you haven't noticed)  I guess its because I am not sure who I am talking to and what they want to read.  So I keep it simple...and safe.  Safe because I am actually an irreverent smart ass and I'm trying to be business-like here.  And some days its just hard not to edit myself to smithereens.   Perhaps I should stop that.  :) 
 I do hope to be better at this blogging stuff as I find my self on a few exotic (to me) trips this Fall I hope that I can be more immediate in reporting my adventures.    
  If anything, it should be a good diary of musings for me to look back on.   It will all depend on if I  find useful internet connections in our hotels.

My photography clients should please note: I will be out of the country for the first half of October and the later part of November.   I will be home mid October to mid November though. 
This will be us. We'll blend right in.  :)

  September 30th I get on a plane to San Francisco to meet up with my friend Lorelei. from there, we take a red eye to Houston, hang out for a few hours and then board a plane to Hong Kong.  Once in Hong Kong, we board a plane to New Delhi,  quite a layover from Delhi, but finally, we board the  plane for our final destination on this junket, to Kathmandu.  Yes, k-k-k-Kathmandu. Its on the other side of the world!  I don't know how many, if any horses we will see, but plenty of the cultures of Nepal, temples, religious ceremonies, markets, people, art, food....etc etc.  Some say it can be overwhelming.  That's okay with me!  I will have my camera gear ready to see what I can see.  So looking forward to it!

As if that wasn't more than enough for the adventure hungry part of me, November 20th, I am joining my travel buddy/photographer friends Kim and Debbie on a trip to Istanbul. Ah the architecture and the food!
 Generally I am not that greedy to want to have two big trips so close to one another, but right after I booked my Kathmandu trip, Kim finally was ready to commit to Istanbul and well, she isn't allowed to go without me!  As it turns out, we will be in Turkey on our American Turkey Day.  I wonder what we will have for dinner.

In other news, I have put Dressage at DevonWood photos online and am working on keeping up with the ensuing orders from not just that show, but Champagne Classic and the Beaujolais Dressage Show, both were held at Donida Farm in WA.   August is the month where I try to enjoy a bit of the summer, no events to photograph scheduled, just fun stuff with friends, and a few farm calls and a dog show.  I pretty much just go to the dog show for the friends, the dogs and the margaritas, though I do show one of my dogs, its just the excuse.

September on my calendar has me photographing the  ODS Open and Championship show at DevonWood, (you can sign up for photographic services here)  a Holsteiner Inspection at Wild Turkey Farm and the KWPN-NA Keuring at Sonnenberg and then at the end of the month,  off to Kathmandu.

Time flies when you are having fun!  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer! 

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coryn wallen said...

You are going to love jealous. Istanbul's bazaar and mosques are incredible. If there is time you should try and visit Pamukkale and the Isle of Rhodes. But you'll have enough fodder for your camera where you'll be. You'll enjoy amazing food and teas. Try alma chai if you like sweet apple. I can't wait to see photos.