Monday, September 18, 2006

Dressage at Devon

I will be in Devon, PA from Sunday Sept. 24 - October 2. So I will be unavailable for order processing during that time. Hopefully I will be able to answer email queries.

I will be helping official photographer Terri Miller photograph Dressage at Devon. This will be Terri's 25th year at Devon! Typically, over the span of 6 days, Terri and her staff shoot and manage over 12,000 images.

IF I am able, I will try to post some reports on how things are going there but the fates will have to definately be with me that I have the energy, time and an internet connection all at the same time!
The days will be many and long with events extending into the night. If you have any spare energy and feel so inclined, I'd be most grateful if you would beam a little in my direction. :) Thanks!
Mary Cornelius

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