Sunday, September 17, 2006

Seeing beyond the Original Image

Due to the volume of images I shoot at any given event, farm call or assignment, most of the images uploaded as proofs have no post processing and are as shot in the camera. Sometimes it takes some imagination to see what an image can become once it is worked with individually.

When you look at a photo in the proof gallery, try to imagine it cropped in closer, more colorful, brighter and minus small annoying objects in the background. Try to imagine it as a real picture! As a matter of course, every finished image I deliver has been worked with individually. It makes the work go slower, but it also allows me to feel better about the quality of work that goes out the door with my name on it.

Taking my images up to the next level.
Currently, I have been devoting more time and education into improving my post processing skills. I attended an equine photographic art workshop down in Ojai California May 2006. We had fantastic models and over a million dollars worth of horses as our photographic subjects. Half of each day for 5 days was devoted to classroom time learning the finer points of working with our images in Photoshop using Wacom tablets. I am repeating this trip south the end of October 2006 for more classroom sessions and more exciting horses and handler/riders as our models in even more beautiful settings.

My goals are to continue taking my images up to the next level in quality, appeal and artistic expression. I hope that these additional skills will translate into more interesting and appealing images which can be used for framed art, posters, innovative advertising and just plain fun.

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