Monday, December 11, 2006

Season's Greetings

Its been awhile since I posted because I have just been so very busy with orders for images.
I had a great workshop in Ojai and brought back some fun images to employ my newest photoshop techniques.

The December Issue of Flying Changes magazine features my images of the Lipizzan Symposium which was held at DevonWood Eq Ctr in November. Dont miss the write up on local artists where my work and the work of several other equine oriented artists is featured. That article appears online on the Flying Changes website.

The December issue of Dressage Today features some of my images of local horses in an article on Digestion. A full page image of Carolyn Vinton's Kelly grazing in his pasture, Matcho with Angela Gardinier cooling out after a dressage test and Monaco in his stall at DevonWood.
Be on the lookout for Pam Kimsey's Eileen and Jeremy Steinberg and Parocco coming up in the February issue of Dressage Today.

December 10th the Black and White Spider Awards were announced and out of the huge batch of entries from other professional photographers around the world, one of my images made the list of nominees for the finalist judging. I am fairly new to photography contests, so I am considering this all an interesting learning experience. It was rewarding to be recognized by some highly regarded judges in the image world.
Here is the page of nominees for my division.
My photog friends Lynne Glazer and Melanie Snowhite made the list in this category as well as others, with Lynne winning in the Nature division.. with a horse no less! It was great to see several images of horses making it into the nominee, placing and winner sections. Overall, the winning entries each year seem to be moody and dark, high contrast and overall quite "edgy". My favorite style. Soon I shall be brave enough to "go there".

As the year comes to a close and 2007 looms on the gray, rainy horizon here in Portland, I want to take this time to thank everyone for their continued support of my work and for being the neat people that you all are. You all help make my life more rewarding and certainly more interesting.
Happy Holidays! (thats not PC, its just... all encompassing!)

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