Friday, April 13, 2007

A word about MY Copyrights

I know its boring, but ohhh please try to read. :)
My most unfavorite part about this profession is educating people about copyright AFTER the fact. I try to provide the information beforehand, but in this fast paced world, not everyone reads or listens adequately and then unecessary problems can arise.

I find that my images float around and get into hands that never got "the talk" or those that have been informed and even signed agreements, seem to forget and off goes the image over the internet, perhaps a print through peoples' scanners.. I find them in all kinds of places where they do not belong.

Basically, all of my images are copyrighted. I think that people don't understand what that means. That means that I OWN the rights and it is ME that determines how the images are used and where they go...not just once, but for as long as I live.
Using a copyrighted image and just putting a photo credit is not an appropriate substitute for payment for that image unless I agree to that.
Because an image was loaned to one person or group or organization, does not mean that the rights to it have opened up for anyone to take and use. Always check with me!
Each image I create is like a little employee that has been produced to do a job. For you, that means you pay for the benefit my employee gives you. For me, that image is a product in my store, produced to bring me an income. It keeps me in business. I call it incentive to keep doing this. No shoplifting!

Buying a print is not the same as "buying the image". This one gets confusing for some people. Prints are for personal use. Put it in an album, frame it and set it on your desk, hang it on the wall gift it to a friend. Your friend may not reproduce it but they can ask me for copies or digital files. I offer those at a nominal fee.
The print you have is not to be scanned. It is not to be put into your computer and sent around to all of your friends unless you have specifically purchased a digital file and the rights to do that. I try to be very lenient about those things, but it does have to be by agreement.
My images particularly should not be used on any commercial site without permission and if it is helping you to sell something...anything..... a stallion breeding, young stock, products, get people to your store etc. that is extra work that image does, and it comes with an appropriate fee which is granted through a license outlining usages.

If you've read this far, Thank you! I like to keep relationships business or otherwise, happy. Tracking people down to tell them they've done "something wrong" and they "owe me" is not my idea of how to make or keep friends. *big smile* Just remember... ask first. I will be most grateful.

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