Sunday, September 09, 2007

Makin Hay While the Sun Shines

September! Its a busy time for me. I havent updated for awhile because I have been in the usual summer shooting schedule, nothing really all that exciting to report except that I am swamped with work and figured I had better let people know what is going on.
Well wait... the Dressage at Devonwood show was super! Well attended, the best yet and some very fancy horses and riders appearing in the competition. I think the undisputed high point was when Debbie McDonald and Brentina performed their well received World Cup freestyle to a standing ovation crowd. Good times. I have image spreads of the show in Chronicle of the Horse, Flying Changes and Dressage Daily. There is some not so quiet whispers about a CDI next year at Devonwood. Its about time! *rubs her hands together with glee*

For September and October I am still traveling and doing photo shoots in between the last of the season's dressage shows and inspections. I have several farm calls scheduled in the ensuing weeks and am working my way through those as time and weather will allow. As the summer winds down towards fall, we start to wonder how many more sunny days we have and that means the people start thinking about getting those farm calls scheduled pronto. Well, they aren't just thinking it, they are scheduling them. The more the merrier. *laughs* I still have a few appointment slots available. I try not to schedule too tightly as I need to watch my creative energy level, but I think I am doing okay. I will be in the Eugene area the first week of October for some farm calls, if interested, contact me and I might be able to fit you in. Shared travel costs help everyone.
I will be driving to California mid October, so I could fit in one or two farm calls further south at that time.

Its great to be so busy and feeling so inspired, I am really enjoying all of the opportunities that I am getting with my work. Of course there is a down side to that, and that is that it makes for a line up on the processing end of the business. There needs to be more than one of me, but so much of what I am doing, only I can do. So I apologize for any delays. Just sheer volume of demand and work all bunched into a tight period of time.

I will be leaving for Dressage at Devon towards the end of September, and in mid October back down to Southern California for a workshop with the Vision18 Collective. A small group of established working professional equine photographers who have banded together to form a collective for projects and showcasing our work. We will be doing some creative photo shoots with horses and models. I can't wait to see what we come up with.

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