Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dressage at Devon 2007

I covered DAD 2007 this year as a media photographer. Last year I helped Terri Miller in her capacity as Official Photographer, her 25th year as OP. This year, the show committee decided upon some policy changes that made it very difficult for Terri to continue on as OP and have her endeavors pencil out. We kept ourselves busy shooting for various publications and working on personal projects. I feel that it is the competitors who lost out on that one.

Many of these images that I am choosing to show at this time (yes, I am keeping some under wraps) are on the more artsy side as I was also collecting images for some personal projects that I have in the works. More about those later. Much later, as I intend to spend the next year collecting images from as many of the top competing dressage horses as I can find on my travels.

I arrived on Friday morning to photograph the CDI portion of the show. The weather started out overcast and a bit dark in the morning and then broke into sunshine which stayed with us the rest of the show. Devon has a lovely light, enhanced by the very light sand in the Dixon Oval, the main ring. The light bounces off of the footing and helps to illuminate the riders' faces where otherwise most often,they are half lost in shadow from the brims of their hats. As always, the fall decor of Devon was in abundance with mums and various flowers, corn stalks and grasses gracing not only the rings, but the entire vendor village. Its one of my favorite aspects of the show. If you love Fall, beautiful horses and riders and great shopping Devon is your show!
I have a few images from Devon at this link:
  • Devon Slideshow
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