Friday, October 19, 2007

October Travels and a 2008 Calendar

I am still on the road traveling in Southern California until October 24th. Because part of my trip involves being up in the mountains, I am not always able to be contacted via cell phone or email so if you have contacted me with questions, I am not ignoring you, I will return calls and emails as I can get connected.

Exciting news! This past week I have attended a retreat of a soon to be officially announced group of equine image makers who have formed a collective involved in collaborating on a variety of projects using the horse or horse related subjects as a primary subject. The group is named Vision18 Collective or V18 C for short.
We are currently working on a calendar which should be available by the holidays. It will feature the work of 15 members of the Vision18 Collective.

Just take a look at the names of the Members of the Vision18 Collective that will be participating in this initial calendar project: Mary Cornelius, Terri Miller, Susan Sexton, Sharon Fibelkorn, Amy Cody, April Visel, Marie Cobb, Karin Naimark, Candace Craw-Goldman, Melanie Snowhite, Lynne Glazer, Cristy Cumberworth, Darlene Wohlart, Nancy McCallum and Kim Vickery. A pretty impressive line up if I do say so myself. Stay tuned for further announcements on this group. A website is in the works.

For further information on obtaining this 2008 calendar contact me so that I can be sure to order enough. You might consider subscribing to this blog or dropping me an email if you would like to be notified when a preview is unveiled and orders can be processed.

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