Sunday, October 07, 2007

Heading into Fall

I've been incredibly busy with farm calls and processing orders from the show season. this year has been amazing, its like my 15 minutes of fame has been this year. I am grateful for the positive response and while I love being busy and productive, why does it always have to come in all at once??!

My campaign for next year will be to try to convince people contemplating farm call appointments that the months of June and July need love too! In fact, the green grass of June is a lovely time to get photos and the bonus is that I am not as busy then as I am during August through October. So, think about it, and get back to me so that we can schedule something when the horses and fields are looking great.

Granted, I do love the Fall light. That warm, soft glow of the sun with the leaves just starting to turn makes for some yummy images. But here in the Pacific NW, the weather can hardly be relied upon by then. I have already had to reschedule some shoots for next spring due to weather.
Travel Alert:
October 13-22 I will be in Southern California on some photo shoots for some projects. By the end of October, I hope things will settle down and I can get some time to start planning the complete overhaul and redesign of my website. I hope to get some feedback from some of my clients about what works for them as well as what doesn't. Its a long overdue rebuild, so I am eager to start and will keep you all posted upon its unveiling.

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Wingnut said...

Great to see you posting again, I have to admit, I tend to lurk a bit!

Gorgeous shot as usual!