Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Xena the Clydesdale

I was out on a farm call yesterday and met Xena the Clydesdale. I love draft horses. More big huggable horse than you can get your arms around and Xena was no exception. Xena lives a comfy life at a small private boarding stable. I photographed her being ridden and at liberty, and just standing around being Xena. As soon as I had edited and uploaded all of the images to the client's gallery, I just had to play with one of the images. Here is Xena nibbling a bit of grass with a few garden embellishments via Photoshop.


Jen Travers said...

She has got the most amazing markings on her legs! The photo itself reminds me of something out of a Grimms fairy tale--like she is a mythical creature of some sort.

Coloradoraider said...

I really like this one.

Been checking here once a week or so!