Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tulelake Dressage Travels and a Stallion

Tulelake showgrounds

I enjoyed myself at the Tulelake dressage show just over the border into California. I got to break in a new vehicle for the trip and was pleased to see 25mpg at 65 mph considering it is a full sized SUV. Satellite radio even worked going over the mountains, just the tiniest bit of interuption when driving through a deep forested part.
What can I say, some people just need the room and utility of such a vehicle. I did have it packed to the gills with my equipment, photo display and luggage.
It was a nostalgic time for me as I used to ride in the show and photograph it when I was a fledgling photographer. Always fond memories of Tulelake and some of the great people I have met. The image shows a late afternoon warm fading light of the night before the show while a rider and trainer work together on the beautiful Tulelake showgrounds. The next night we experienced a big thunder storm with a funnel cloud that had touched down very close and uprooted several huge old trees and power poles, knocking power lines across the highway for awhile. Show participants were safely ensconced within a big building enjoying our BBQ dinner while the hail came down outside. Once past, the sun came out and all was lovely again.

I will be back over the mountains to Bend again at the end of the week to photograph some special project horses that I have kept in my mind. Hopefully I get some good stuff to share later.

In the meantime, I also have posted an image from a recent farm call for Katie Hill of her promising young Andalusian stallion Kamiakin. He is just three and was great to work with.

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