Friday, October 10, 2008

Moving On Into Fall

One of my favorite candid shots from the Arabians in Motion Sport Horse Classic

Long time no update. I think that is a universal sentence on millions of blogs around the world. I've just been that busy. I have been out photographing all summer and then everything comes home to roost in the form of work at the computer on into Fall and the holidays. At this time, there needs to be 2 of me to handle the volume in a timely manner. I had some great people help me this summer at the shows, but once it is all over, its me and me only that can do the rest of the work.
I enjoy my time out and about photographing furiously and then look forward to the time at home albeit a bit too much time at the computer but I can't complain as I get to be at home.

Next month I will be heading down to San Diego for some photo shoots and some time with my Vision 18 Collective sistahs. Right about then, I will be glad for some sun.

I am almost eager for the rains to come and winter to settle in as I have some art projects in the works that are a departure from my usual. I'll be working with my images in multi-mediums. Wood, canvas, paints, gems... and whatever else I can scrounge up that 'feels right'.

Enjoy the Fall!

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