Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Assignment for Dressage Today

In early November I accepted an editorial assignment for Dressage Today magazine to travel to Eugene and photograph for an upcoming article by Dr Thomas Ritter.
As luck would have it, right at that time, we had just lost our beautiful Indian Summer weather and the rains had set in. Between my travels and Dr Ritter's we finally found a dry day for the photo shoot towards the end of November.
Leaving a sunny Portland, I was enveloped around Salem (50 miles south) with a thick gray fog. This lasted all the way down to Eugene. It was cold and gray, but dry! Dryness to be well appreciated in our wet Willamette Valley. We don't have all those ferns and moss for nothing, ya know.
I brought out my best low light lenses, twirled a few dials, crossed my fingers and proceeded with the job. The images brightened up nicely in post processing. Look for them in the February issue of DT in an article on Balance by Dr.Thomas Ritter. Oh, and read the article too! The more people that learn about riding in balance, the easier my job becomes.

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