Tuesday, December 02, 2008

V18C Get Together in San Diego

A trip to San Diego with my Vision 18 Collective photographer friends and it is a certainty that I will come back with a hard drive full of new images.
From the dunes of Glamis 2 hrs east of San Diego where costumed arabians and their riders performed for us as the sun set, to the dressage barn of Donna Richardson where we photographed a Lusitano stallion, Postulano at liberty who gave me many new images for future fine art works. We played with horse and human subjects under studio lights in a make shift studio in the barn aisle, including Donna on Postulado in piaffe. On our last day, we visited the San Diego zoo before we had a farewell dinner in a super nice restaurant overlookingthe water with a view of the skyline of San Diego. It was hard to pull myself away from the Great Apes at the zoo. I could sit and look into their eyes and observe their mannerisms all day.
Many thanks to Terri Miller and Axel Steiner for hosting us for that week. It was a great time!
Don't worry about all those tracks on the dunes, I am sure that the dune buggies get great gas mileage.....

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