Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dressage Shows

Central Oregon Dressage Classic proof galleries are up. It was interesting weather over in Bend necessitating pumping out 4000 gallons of rain water from the outdoor arena, extra maintenance and finally moving it several feet over. No sooner would it dry out and the late afternoon storms would arrive again, putting it back in the same condition as the morning. Kind of a twisted Camelot weather pattern.
Meanwhile the indoor arena went on as if no thunderstorms and flash floods had ever happened. I wasn't sure about the dark indoor arena for photographing in, even with my super low light equipment, I was getting nervous, but once the sun came up, it came in softly filtered through light panels in the walls of the arena on all sides and made a giant soft box of light. Not bad to photograph in after all. I am working on the images while trying to catch up with all my other work that piles up whenever I leave town.

Sign Ups for photographic services are open for Dressage at Devonwood. I am already receiving requests via my new online sign up. Thank you! I even have a couple that have come in for the ODS Championships.
This is proving to be very handy this year for all concerned. Not only does it help me and my staff to be prepared (alleviating much stress during the show!) but it helps riders and owners to focus on their horses and their rides during the show instead of running to the photographers booth at the last minute to sign up.
As always, you can still sign up by mail, or at the show at my photo booth.
My sign up policies are available at the link above.

Dressage at Devonwood is one of the largest dressage shows in the Pacific NW attracting riders from several states and Canada and this year is no exception. Mary Cornelius Photography is proud to once again be the official photographers for this event. Sharon Fibelkorn from LA will once again be helping me to photograph this show.
Annnd.... I have it from a very good source (Terri herself) that Terri Miller will be onsite with her paints and brushes making some no doubt wonderful paintings of the festive show grounds and horses. I have watched her paint at Flintridge and Palm Beach and the paintings are charming. We have warned her that we may even shanghai her for a few needed awards photos. You never know!
This is Dressage at Devonwood's 10th Anniversary. We expect a festive event!

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