Thursday, June 25, 2009

ODS Breeders Showcase

Get those youngsters out there and let us see them!  

With a late start in promotion, I learned only recently that the annual ODS Breeders Showcase I & II is a go this year.   Mt Hood Eq Ctr in Boring is the place for this show to be held  August 15-16 2009.  
 This show is for the breeders and owners of young sport horses.  Its also for any of you that may be shopping or just wanting to see what a variety of bloodlines are producing these days.  I will be the official photographer for this event and will be offering Show Specials  that I only offer at the breed shows and inspections.  I will be uploading more information about photography at the show and the show specials on my gallery proof site.  
More information on entering the show  is available on the ODS website.

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