Monday, February 01, 2010

Photo Books

I recently completed a photo book project
consisting of images taken for a client who had hired me to come to meet and photograph her Friesian at his stable.  (aka a Farm Call)
It was a crisp and clear day in October, sunny with a chilly breeze and the fall color just starting to come on.  The owner turned me loose to do my thing and the horse was most co-operative which made my job easy.
  I put the images together for each page utilizing 24 of her chosen images.  4 pages of the interior of the book are shown here.  (the brown/green is a background and not part of the book)  This particular book is sized at 8x10 in a landscape orientation.

I decided to surprise her with a special two page centerfold that was created by inserting several images of the horse and applying a textured overlay with an underlay of clouds softly peeking through. (cloud photos taken down in SE Oregon wild horse country during some thunderstorm activity)  This particular book includes a few words from the owner and a few famous quotes on horses.  

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