Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Green Sprouts of Creativity

I have been watching spring emerge, but perhaps frustrated by the tease of brief sun and then days of  rain, I've not felt very creative at all lately.  Wanting to force myself a bit and with my upcoming trip to Spain in mind, I pulled up an image from a photo session I enjoyed shooting last summer at the home of some fine Andalusian horses.  If a beautiful spanish horse cannot inspire me, I don't know what can.  I just let the mojo of creativity work itself through and gave it permission to go where it may.  The result was this image.  I see spring, renewal and emergence all through this image.  Its almost as if the horse has been tattooed, perhaps a little Avatar influence? :)   No matter what it means, its a safe bet that I am ready for spring and sunshine and being outside more and being inspired by my surroundings.  

I am flying to Spain next week for 10 days. I will meet up with 7 members of the Vision 18 Collective and we will attend a photo workshop given by Paula da Silva centered in the historic town of Vejer de la Frontera in the region of Andalucia.  Paula is a very creative and prolific equine photographer and I am sure that we will all have a great time being inspired.  We will spend some days afterward taking in the sites and you can bet, partaking of the local wine.   This is my first visit to Spain and I am not sure what all I will find and how I will be touched by it all, but that is a key element to the best kind of adventure for me.  Spain has been on my ""to do" list and it is just about to become a reality. I know I will see beautiful horses and wonderful historic architecture and experience some great Spanish cuisine.  We will probably wander down to Gibraltar and if the day is clear, I will catch my first glimpse of the continent of Africa...and that's another story on my "to do" list. 

Last month I offered free photo portraits of elder horses over 25 years old.  I am happy to report that I received a good response and have a variety of horses lined up to photograph.  I will keep this offer open through 2010. I call it the Elder Horse Project.   We are just waiting for the weather so that I can begin.  So come on sun and no fair shining the whole time I am on the other side of the world.

Coming up fast is the annual Heart of the Valley Dressage Show at Devonwood.  I will once again be the photographer for this show.  Early sign ups for photographic services are encouraged.  Save $5 by signing up online    Otherwise, we will once again be taking sign ups in the show office during the show.
See you in the sunshine!

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SharonF said...

I love that you're doing Spain ... and the Elder Horse Project ... both wonderful opportunities to have memories forever. :)