Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heading into the Storm

As I made my final preparations before leaving for Spain tomorrow,... er its after midnight, so before leaving for Spain TODAY!   I was reminded of this image I took at White Horse Vale last summer.  With the Icelandic Volcano of the Unpronounceable Name causing havoc across Europe and beyond, I feel like I am heading into a storm of uncertainty.  I have a nice peaceful life at home now why do I want to go and look for trouble?  Rhetorical question! And silly too!
Hopefully the wind keeps blowing things east and Madrid airport stays open and the rest of Europe gets some relief soon from the ash cloud.
I expect with the fine particulate matter in the air, we will be witnessing some particularly colorful sunsets. Good thing I will have a bevy of cameras along.   This all puts an added spice to what would already be an adventure for me.    The Traveling Wee Horse will be along with me.  He's always up for adventure.  He'll be meeting up with some of his wee horse family as well, so look for plenty of wee horse photo ops on the Traveling Wee Horse facebook page.
I'll be reporting back as I can.  Who knows how the internet will be treating us.
Until then, I'll be in the airport lines and plane lanes and hopefully any ash in Spain will blow away from the plains.

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