Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few more images out and about

A little image licensing action.  Sometimes older images stored in my archives can breath with new life.   My image of Jan Brink winning the Achen CHIO 2005 has been licensed by USDF as a cover to the Jan Brink seminar DVD's.  This image has been used by Jan in the 2005 L'annee Hippique and by USDF for the Jan Brink seminars.
One of my images of Quailhurst's Caletino is now on the cover of the EquiSano mushrooms brochure. 

My image shot from a training cart one foggy November day of a beautiful young Friesian out for a training ride is one of the featured images of equines at and is selling well in mural size of all things! 

My image of Dietrich von Hopffgarten was used by the Dressage Canada Hall of Fame during their Gala evening to honor and induct their new members, Dietrich being among them.  This was probably one of the last image to be taken of Dietrich before his passing.

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