Friday, June 18, 2010

Elder Horse Chex

The weather this spring has been frustrating my efforts at beginning my Elder Horse Project. (see my March post on the Elder Horse Project)
  Rains have been visiting us in the Willamette Valley and all over Oregon for that matter, for weeks and weeks on into months it would seem. My scheduled photo sessions were being postponed and then postponed from the postponed dates. I was beginning to think that maybe I should rethink this natural light preference of mine.
But finally I was able to find a nice dry sunny patch of weather over the Cascade Mountain range in Bend OR and there was Chex, a 25 yr old palomino gelding awaiting my scheduled arrival.  The sun was still a bit high in the sky, so I used the surrounding Juniper trees to run a bit of interference for me.  We just let him walk around a large paddock area while I asked him to just "be him"  while maintaining a nice relationship to the sun. aka: backlit, rim light, side light..  lovely.
I followed him around with the camera taking several shots of a horse eating. Yep, that is what it pretty much amounted to, after all, he IS retired now and can do what he wants and horses love to graze. What we had going for us was the light and his lovely color and of course, his handsomeness.  When I started to think that I probably had all that I was going to get and perhaps we should call it good, he dropped down and rolled, got up and walked off, exiting the area.  The audience was over.  Thank you to Chex, and to Marsha Williams for sharing him with me.  My collection of images from this session will be up in a gallery soon.
Right now I must gather my gear for another photo session this afternoon.  *looks up at the sky*  hmmm

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