Friday, October 01, 2010

My Bev Dolittle Photo Session

Tonight I photographed Tory Kelly's elder horse Shadow the Appaloosa.  Shadow kept us on the run with a tour of the property.  Every time I would find a spot with the beautiful sunset backlighting him, remove the halter, he would take off for other parts.  The only  place he was content to stay was under the apple tree.  But one can only take so many photos of a horse under an apple tree.  I did like the effect of him hidden in the branches as it reminded me of some of the works of artist Bev Dolittle.

Image below:    Pretty light...  Place horse.     Horse: Exit stage right.....

The sun lowered itself in the sky, the dust rising from the nearby farmers fields making the scene spectacularly golden orange.  Everywhere we put Shadow was a beautiful light in the background.  Tory's farm, with its old gnarled trees made a wonderful backdrop for scenes with a horse and a sunset, but alas, Shadow had other things on his mind.  I found it hard to believe that he is 29 yrs old, as spry and round and fit looking as he is.  As the light was fading fast, he kept me on the move, shooting off frames as quickly as I could while he was in the light and zoom off he would go again.  Towards the end of the light, the sky was a fantastic red as if a forest on fire, but Shadow decided that grazing behind a dark hedge was just the thing.   I enjoyed this session for the challenges it gave with the light fading fast, a very cute, if a bit over active elder horse and some great scenery.     Oh, and a nice visit with Tory.  Thanks for the evening Tory!

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