Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shaking up the top of the World of Equestrian Sport

I am on the road this week in Kentucky and Arkansas visiting with fellow V18C members Marie Cobb and Kim Vickrey.  Kim has an art show opening this week featuring her images from our trip to Spain this past spring.  I just had to get over to support her and see her images "in the flesh" on the wall.  It is one thing to see images on a computer monitor, and a whole nuther thing to see them in a tangible reality on the wall.
During this travel time, I was sad to hear of the sudden passing of Kingston, the wonderful and powerful stallion that represented the United States in Dressage in several competitions.  I had the privilege of photographing him at 2 World Cups and at the Aachen CHIO in Germany in 2005 and his big powerful movement had made him a favorite of mine. 
Further details can be found at eurodressage.

No sooner had the dressage world absorbed this bit of news, but the next shock would be the sale of the super horse Totilas from Holland to Germany.   I offer these links to eurodressage as the always savvy Astrid Appels provides us with some of the best equestrian news from abroad.  My thoughts about taking a super horse that has gone so well with one rider with such exceptional ability is that there is that chance that we will never see the horse go to that level of excellence, or at least with that same feeling of harmony, again.  It remains to be seen, but I have seen Edward Gal take other horses and ride them as no one else.  The partnership went deep and it is him that I feel the most for at this point in time.

Tonight is the art opening, tomorrow we have a photo shoot with models and costumes.  I sense a Halloween theme comin' on in Arkansas, where a beautiful Fall is unfolding.

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