Thursday, January 19, 2012

With a little imagination

Quite often when I send a client to their private gallery of proofs from a photo session, there are many images in the crowd that just don't get "seen".  Sometimes a gallery of proofs can be over whelming in spite of my efforts to cull and edit down to just the "most interesting" possibilities.  If I am not sure what the client's individual taste might be, I am apt to give them more choices which sometimes can lead to more effort having to be put forth to make choices.  I would hate to edit out an image that might possibly be the one that captures the horse in just the way that the client was hoping to see them. 

The second image is one that the client chose.  The first image is an image that appealed to myself so I will call it Photographer's Choice. I liked the bearing of the horse, rather proud, lending some expression to the moment.  The light was "okay" but needed to be developed.  The background was the typical pasture fencing that we like to avoid.  Sometimes the right moment and angle happens at the worst background opportunities.   I try not to let those backgrounds bother me,  I just call upon my digital art skills. With a painterly quality to the finished images, they look great on a lustre finish photographic paper or as a mounted canvas.
This week I have been working on producing finished images from this photo shoot.  These images were shot October 2009 when this horse was a spry 28 years old.  His name is Echo, currently, he is still going strong in his 30th year.  He is much beloved of his person Tracey Erway.  Isn't he beautiful!


R. R. Levasseur said...

I like the photographer's choice better :) Love the lighting and expression - he looks so...stoic. The other is pretty, too, but the horse looks much different. Perhaps more accessible to the viewer as he is looking at the camera?

Kim Vickrey said...

beautiful image and beautiful technique. i love your processing mary!