Monday, March 12, 2012


    A little time spent working on a photograph today for experimentation on a few little details.   This image, shot indoors, is of the well known Welsh Cob Stallion North Forks Cardi (owned by Jessica Wisdom and Cindy Miller)  This moment caught my eye as the horse was cantering past my lens, correct, with the poll the highest point, a good outline, soft in the bridle contact and shows the horse in total concentration on the work at hand.

Looking at the expression in this image, I was reminded of how much I enjoy noting the way the look in a horse's eye can change over time as they progress along in their training.  A horse trained to the most advanced level of its job just "knows stuff" and you can see that difference in the eyes. It appears to me as a certain air of purpose, knowledge, self satisfaction and confidence whether at work or standing in the stable.  Having photographed Cardi since he was just a youngster still getting his legs under himself with a rider, I have been able to watch his eye and with satisfaction, watch it change.

It is fascinating and rewarding to study animal body language. They might not talk much, but they certainly do say a lot if you take a little time to notice.

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