Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Its Dogs this week

I've been spending so much time updating my Facebook page with my travels and images that I neglect my blog.  Facebook is so much more immediate and if the wind is blowing in the right direction on the right day, my updates reach a much wider audience. So there ya have it, blog neglect.  Who reads this stuff anyway?  Its pretty dry, I keep it pretty simple.  I went here, I took this photograph, I went there, I took that photograph. Not very exciting by the time I try to put it into words.  I even neglect my main website. Some of those images need to go and be replaced by new.  My eye and style evolves, so old images often look a bit foreign to me after awhile.

 So what have I been doing lately?   I have photographed some dressage shows and attended some dog shows with my pups.  Photographed some horses and dogs in private photo sessions.
I traveled to Southern California for a dog show with my Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup Hartley (he didn't win) and spent a day with actress Linda Blair photographing 17 of her almost 100 adoptable dogs.  Which WAS a win.
 For those that don't know, Linda has dedicated her life to dog rescue/rehabilitation and rehoming.   This is Linda with my pup Hartley.   Many areas of the country are submerged in overpopulation of pets.  In Southern CA there is quite a problem with the over breeding, with Chihuahuas and pit bull type dogs seeming to top the list.  Like most rescues, Linda is in desperate need of more help either in donations, foster homes or volunteers to come out and work with the dogs.   You can contact her   if you can help in any way.  They do good work and the sheer magnitude of the problem is overwhelming her facility and resources. Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation   They also have a Facebook page.

 This is my Hartley (left) with Linda.

 Below is goofy Clifford The Big Red Dog.  Someone cut his ears to make him look more...fierce? But forgot to tell him to act the part.  He gets along with people and dogs. He is a fairly tall guy.  Very impressive and nicely co-operative considering he was the last dog photographed and the sun was fully up and getting rather warm!  He is wearing his Fourth of July party outfit.

To the right is Munchkin.  An American Bully.  A personal favorite. When I first drove up, he was in an area near where I parked.  He greeted me happily and just wanted some love.  What a goofy happy cutie.   He is not very tall, but is thick as a brick.  American Bullies have been developed for "looks" not fighting or really being "badass".  English Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier and Mastiff helped develop this breed.  It is not an AKC breed.  They tend to sell for $2-4k and many end up in rescue to be had for $150 or so.  Sad.

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