Friday, September 21, 2012

Holsteiners First and Then France

I will be photographing the AHHA Inspection this Saturday. That's American Holsteiner Horse Assn. for those of you that still like to read real words.  The inspection will take place at Wild Turkey Farm in Wilsonville and is expected to host 34 horses and all of the people that it takes to put on an inspection of this magnitude.  There is also usually a good crowd of spectators on hand.
 I will be photographing each horse that enters the ring up until 12:30 whereby my worthy assistant Tais Kulish will take over for me and finish photographing the remaining horses to be inspected as I must jet off to the airport to catch a plane that will take me to Toulouse France for the next 10 days. Actually, a small town about an hour outside of Toulouse by the name of Condom.  No relation to the prophylactic device, though they do have a Museum of Contraception there that I think will be a must see.
Southern France in the early Fall, staying in a medieval town with friends, sampling the food, wine and scenery, museums, architecture and .... well duh, horses!  Of course its horses, what else, this is WORK after all.

See you in early October.  If anyone is trying to contact me during this time and I appear non responsive, that is because I am incommunicadofor the most part, reduced to internet as I find time to bother with it. With any luck at all, I will post some updates and maybe a photo or two.  Though no promises.

Au revoir!

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