Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Happenings.

 My work is featured this week in the  Cavalcade Equestrian Fashion and Culture Blog
Check it out and explore the rest of Danielle Demer's online collection of equine visual and material culture where she maintains a focus on art, fashion, decor, accessories, and design concerning all things equestrian and equine.

I don't do very well at categorizing or explaining my work, I think I am too busy creating it. So it is fascinating to me to read how others interpret it.  It is like receiving a gift when I receive feedback and especially when it is so descriptive and positive! 
"Mary Cornelius's photography is particularly impressive due to the many styles and emotions she is able to capture. Her personalized farm call portrait session work is just as beautiful and elegant as her fine art photo portfolio. The selected work featured below merely provides a tiny glimpse at Cornelius' vast and varied photographic compositions." 
 ~ Danielle Demer., Cavalcade

Thank you for this invitation to share my work with your readers Danielle!  

 Dressage Show season is coming up in the Pacific NW

Already a few shows have been held.  My first show for 2013 is Heart of the Valley Dressage in May at DevonWood Eq Ctr.  Photographic services at the shows are by sign up.  I have a new option for signing up in advance.  You can fill out the interactive PDF form save it, and email it back to me. Then send a check by mail or pay at the show.
Below looking oh so handsome if one of my favorite photo subjects Quantro.  He and Leslie Chapman had just completed a test in the rain. Nice light to photograph in, but wet horse and rider!

I am hosting two photography workshops this summer.  The first one is June 1 at Wild Turkey Farm in Wilsonville.  It is geared towards Amateur hobbyists.  We will have class time and time out in the pastures photographing the foals and young horses that are bred at this world class facility.
This workshop is very nearly filled, just a few spots left!

My second workshop is July 27th at Narnia Farm.    This workshop is geared towards intermediate-advanced amateurs and professionals.  We will be photographing horse and human subjects in costumes and exploring light, composition and various other techniques including tips on  connecting with our subject matter to put the best of them into our images.  A session on Photoshop techniques will also be part of the day. 

We are just beginning to accept registrations for this workshop.  We are starting to get some really fun and exciting models lined up to work with.  This should be a really fun day.

To help lead this workshop, I am bringing in my friend Kim Vickrey, a fine art photographer with horses and humans as her specialty, and professor of graphic arts at Arkansas State University.  Kim is the originator of Tutu Couture, a really fun photo session that she offers in her area.  It is really catching on.   I think it looks just darn fun! Did I mention fun much?   I could say FUN a few more times. I think its a great concept to obsess on! 

You can get more information on the workshops with links to the registration forms by clicking on the workshop tab at the top of this blog. 

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