Monday, April 01, 2013

The Birthday Party

 I when I heard that the thoroughbred mare Lady M had turned 30 years of age and was having a birthday party, I knew I had to include her in my elder horse project.  As the fates had designed, I was showing my dogs in conformation at an AKC dog show just one hour north and well in time for the party which would normally have been 2 hours drive south from my home.
 Lady M was dressed in her party best, a light sprinkling of glitter on her coat and a colorful, sparkly party hat (that she was most patient about wearing) Lots of goodies and a wonderful cake just for her of fine ground carrots.  She wasted no time eating it all and appeared to take all the party and guest fuss in stride. 
Lady M and Sarah Kress have been together for 24 of Lady's 30 years.  I'm thinking that the Lady helped to raise Ms Sarah and the bond between the two of them was very apparent.   Lady M looks fabulous for her 30 years. She looks fabulous if she was just half that age.  I wish her many more healthy happy years.

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