Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July in the Whirl

Coming right up is the Champagne Classic Dressage Show at Donida where I will serve as the official photographer.   I will be packing the Airstream and arriving on Friday in time to set up and take sign ups for photographic services for the show.  Accompanying me will be Marie Cobb from Louisiana who has just put in 6 weeks in California photographing for Amy McCool.  We will be set up in the vendor area.  You can't miss the big shiny thing.
When we wrap up Champagne Classic and head back home, it will then be time to chain myself to the computer for a few days to get the proofs all sorted, processed and up in their galleries and then get ready to do it again at ....  Dressage at DevonWood in Sherwood OR.

Photography at Dressage at DevonWood.
We'll be on the show grounds on Thursday afternoon to start taking sign ups for Photographic Services.   Flying in from Boise Idaho will be Tracey Bish to help me photograph the show.
Tracey helped me photograph the Chablis/Beaujolais show at Donida in June. Marie is remaining in town with me and will be on hand to take sign ups and take care of downloading all of our images onto the computer and getting them cataloged.
We will have a sign up table in or near the show office. But our main base of operations will be in my vintage silver Airstream trailer up in the vendor area.  Probably the far left side, so look for us there!
You can't miss a big silver bullet!

After Dressage at DevonWood, its back to many hours on the computer sorting and processing all of the images and getting them up in their galleries for viewing.  We hope to get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible because on Thursday Kim Vickrey flies in from Arkansas and on Saturday we are holding a photographic workshop at Narnia Farm.  

A day of rest ...Whew!   They say you shouldn't announce travel plans on the internet, someone might come and rob your house, but my house is never without humans and dogs in it, so I can also say that after our one day of rest, we pack up the Airstream again and head out to the Columbia River Gorge for a girls camping trip.  Some touring of the Maryhill Winery, Maryhill Museum of Art and some night sky photography away from the city lights!  Hopefully we don't drink so much wine that we just go to sleep instead!
Its summer, we've got to make hay while the sun shines, right?
Happy July everyone.  

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