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  Photography Workshops for 2014

Workshops for 2014 have concluded.  Thank you to all attendees! 

 June 28th 

A Day with the Horses at Wild Turkey Farm   

  We've been invited back this year for another fine day at this beautiful farm.               

   Scheduled for June 28th when the foals are all on the ground.  They are expecting at least 9 foals to have been born by then!  Classroom time as well as opportunities to photograph the beautiful Holsteiner horses at this world class private breeding farm.   All levels of expertise welcome. Format will be tailored to the amateur hobbyist.                                            

 To participate in this workshop payment should be received by June 15th so that I can plan lunches and format.  Please contact in advance to make sure that we still have room.  

Cost: $160. for the day.  Lunch included

You can pay for this workshop online:

 Preview of my third workshop.  Its going to be BIG FUN.


 WHY, MAKE FINE ART PORTRAITS WITH THEM OF COURSE!   I invite you to share in my vision!
 I have had this concept in my mind for awhile now and its time to do it! We will be working together posing the models and exploring lighting them with studio lighting against backdrops and barn walls. 
*Limited participation. skill level should be at least intermediate. Applications will be available to fill out soon.  

  Date:  August 2nd or 30th.  

I am currently location scouting for this as I need the right facility and horses.  Cost yet to be determined depending upon location and model fees.

        Let me know of your interest in any of these workshops by sending me an email. I will subscribe you to future updates.  (you can easily unsubscribe)         mary at   
If you would like to hold a Mary Cornelius Photography Workshop in your own area, contact me for details.  We might be able to put something together!

Image Post Processing Techniques & Farm Photo Shoot

Date: May 24th 2014 

This workshop has concluded.  Thank you to all of the participants! 

 Limited to 6 participants.  Spend the morning learning about working in Lightroom from download, image adjustments, cropping etc to final output.  In the afternoon learn about working with Layer Masks in Photoshop.   Saturday Location: My office.   Laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop installed. 

You also have the option to travel to a farm to photograph some photogenic horses in the Vancouver area on Sunday morning.   If you cannot attend the Saturday image processing workshop, you are welcome to sign up for the Sunday photo shoot session.   More spots are available for the photo shoot section as we don't have the constraints of working in a small office.

We expect to be out at the farm about 3-4 hours.          

               Cost: $150 for the day or $200 per person for both days. 

                                  Sunday Farm Photo Session only:  $75.  

Email me with your interest and more details.    



Photography Workshop  October 12, 2013   

Thank you to everyone involved in this workshop who helped to make it a success.  I really enjoyed the day!


 Shelburne Farm, near Issaquah WA

We will be focusing (literally) on photographing dressage, horses under saddle, horses at liberty as well as a possible variety of other opportunities in this beautiful barn and outdoor setting. Registration is limited and is already half full. Workshop will be geared to amateurs Intermediate to advanced.  For more information contact us at the email addresses listed on the poster below.


Date:  August 1, 2013 Saturday

Photographing Equestrian Lifestyle and Portraiture.

Thank you to Narnia Farms for hosting my second photography workshop.  Thank you to the wonderful models, costumers (Stacie Burgess and Maeve Callahan) as well as the horses (by kind permission of their owners)  and to Kim Vickrey, my guest workshop leader.   

Two Workshops are scheduled for 2013.    Thank you everyone for your participation.  Keep shooting in manual mode!  

Equestrian Lifestyle & Portraiture Registration Form

A one day workshop for amateur hobbyists at the fabulous Wild Turkey Farm in Wilsonville, Oregon.  

Date:  June 1, 2013       

This workshop has concluded.  What a great group of participants and equine subjects.  Thank you Wild Turkey Farm, my wonderful assistants and participants!

This workshop is full.  

Classroom instruction. Photo shoot opportunities. Raise your photography to the next level. Workshop led by veteran international photographer Mary Cornelius.

This is an opportunity to photograph some of the beautiful Holsteiner horses that are bred on this world class private farm. Weather permitting, you will find yourself in a beautiful pasture, camera at the ready while frisky foals are turned out to play for you.
Indoor class time will include lectures and slide show examples of ways to raise your photographic skills. Time allowing, we will be sharing and discussing images that were created on the day.

Lots of Q & A opportunity during the photo sessions and the class room.

Feedback, personal goals and questions are welcome as part of your inquiry!

Participants should have a basic working knowledge of an SLR camera and a lens suitable for photographing horses at a distance. 70 - 200 mm lens is optimal.
Advice is available about renting a suitable lens for your camera if you do not have one. Just ask!

Emphasis will be on using your camera in manual mode so that you can learn to better control your image quality in different situations. Settings for stopping action and adjustments to make.

 June 1 2013 Workshop Registration Form. Wild Turkey Farm

 The interest for this workshop is high.  We will be limiting the number of participants so that everyone can have an optimal experience.

contact Mary Cornelius Photography through this page or via website.

Photographing Equestrian Lifestyle and Portraiture

 This workshop is geared for Professional and Advanced Amateur photographers.

Date July 27, 2013       This workshop has concluded.  A great line up of models and perfect light.  A great time was had by all!

 Workshop leaders will be Mary Cornelius and Kim Vickrey    Mary is a well known veteran equine photographer based in the Pacific NW. Kim is an assistant professor and Graphic Arts Educator at Arkansas State University

We will have classroom sessions and sessions with models,  Horses and people.   Watch for more details as planning commences. 

July 27, 2013 Workshop Registration Form, Equestrian Lifestyle & Portraiture

 Most images straight out of the camera are only potential and they are just waiting to bloom into something beautiful once they have been subjected to the post processing enhancements of powerful software tools such as Photoshop.  
An additional session featuring work in Photoshop will be available as an option.    We hope that you can attend this session as we will be focusing on tips to help give your images that extra boost to extraordinary!
Note: Participants in the Photoshop session must bring a laptop with Photoshop installed to experience hands on learning.  If you will not be able to work in Photoshop, you can attend this segment as an auditor, or join an alternate session that will be designed based on the needs of those participants without laptop.  

Click this link to view her portfolio.
 Kim's Facebook page

Organizer: Mary Cornelius
Date    July 27 
Location:  Narnia Farm  Aurora, OR  (just south of Wilsonville)
More information as planning develops.   please express your interest to be added to our mailing list.  We will be limiting the number of participants.
 If you just want a couple of hours of casual help while photographing, I offer Mini Workshops. 

Ringside at the Horse Show. Photographing Equestrian Sports.

Very limited number of participants per session.  Informal Q & A format. Amateur Hobbyist level.

A mini workshop can be tailored to your needs and locations.  Scheduled upon request with sufficient attendance.
 5 person limit, any level of ability.  mini workshop sessions are 2 hrs.  $50 per person

The workshops will be designed around participants goals. If you have some ideas of what you would like to experience or just have questions, drop me a line and ask to be added to the Workshop Updates List to stay informed as more details become available.

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