Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I've Not Been Idle

I gave up my blog in 2015 because not only was I not very good about keeping it updated and Facebook had taken over with business pages with such ease of use, but for the most part my flow of thoughts refused to translate themselves into text in any comfortable, realistic or interesting fashion.  I don't really feel comfortable talking about myself. What is there to say anyway? I am by nature an observer, which helps when one has chosen to make pictures for a living.  Now, with Facebook cutting back their feed for pages making them just plain obnoxious to maintain,  I decided to see if I can approach this blog thing differently and I will just invite you to sit with me sometimes and see what I see through photographs.

Since 2015 I have added a few more travels, photographed a few more horse shows and breed inspections, made some portraits of people and their horses and picked up a really fun hobby training my dogs in the sport of scent work which is one reason why I made the decision to cut back on photographing horse shows.  They learned how to find specific odors and tell me where they are.  In competition as one progresses up through the levels,  this can be a challenge to read my dog properly, trust my dog and most of all, have fun with them.  They absolutely love it.

 World Travels   
After wonderful experiences in Nepal, Turkey and Greece in 2014, in 2015 I spent time in Italy with my fellow photographer friends Kim Vickrey-Jones and Marie Cobb.  We were based in Rome where Kim was helping to lead a university study group.  Traveled north to Milan and farther North where we could see the Alps and the World Dog show, then south to Pompeii which was fascinating.  It was June.  It was 90 degrees and the Romans were tired of tourists.  Other than that, I'd love to go back.  The art, architecture and history is everywhere and overwhelming at times.


  In June of 2016 I went to Iceland with a group of horse photographer friends. A place once there,  I really didn't want to leave.  The security at the airport was so obnoxious that I almost got my wish.  But thats another story.  Suffice it to say that you don't want to see a bunch of S's on your ticket as that is license to scan, rescan, pat down, take your gear away and bring it back later and almost make you miss your plane.   But back to Iceland.....
 Sweeping landscapes of relatively young (geologic time) lands and few people anywhere, save the occasional invasion of a busload of Chinese tourists from time to time.  I would go back in a heartbeat.  I like the low population, fabulous landscapes, waterfalls, rocky formations, coastlines, awesome whale watching, wonderful little cottages to stay in along the way,  snow covered mountains and Icelandic horses which you will see everywhere along with the sheep.  In fact, I think I read that sheep outnumber the humans in Iceland.  With our Icelandic photographer guide, we visited a number of horse farms.  Horses in amazing landscapes is really fun.  On the last day, a few of us booked ourselves an afternoon in the Blue Lagoon.  Perfect way to end the trip.  We didn't want to get out of that relaxing warm water!

In 2017 I went to Morocco with a photographic touring company called Within The Frame.

  I had traveled with them before to Nepal. They do not photograph horses, but focus more on more culture and humanity.  I truly don't need to photograph horses all of the time. In fact, I'd rather not, I don't ever want to get tired of them.    I love learning about cultural art, history and architecture around the world.  I like meeting new people and learning how to communicate with them if we have no shared spoken language.  Experiencing the food of far away places is certainly a draw as well.
The laid back schedule that Within The Frame designs into their itinerary is beneficial in that one is able to spend several days in the same place allowing unhurried time to observe, absorb and gain some understanding of what I am photographing.  The drive by style of many workshops, getting several locations in is not only tiring, but the images are not as studied or perhaps understood.  There is no time to wait for just the right image.
 I landed in Rabat where a hired car picked me up at the airport and drove me 4 hours northeast to the blue city of Chefchaouen where I met up with my travel companions.  We spent some days in Chef and then south to spend a week in Fez in the old medina in a wonderful hotel called Riad Laaroussa.  I highly recommend it.
We traveled south to Merzouga and rode camels into the Sahara desert to our tent camp where we spent two nights.  I still prefer horses, but it was a novel experience if you ever wanted to know what riding a rail feels like.  The large red dunes surrounded us with a blue-blue sky and absolute silence.  Our tent accommodations were comfortable with electricity and hot water provided by solar power.  The main tent provided comforts of long couches and pillows and formal dining with meals prepared by our Berber hosts.  Who also serenaded us with drums around a campfire in the evening. We were definitely not in Kansas anymore.  We spent midday sleeping in the shade of our tents when the early March weather got warm. Not a cloud in the sky.   When we departed the desert, we headed over to the Todra Gorge, stopped at a rug merchant where a few of us were relieved of several dirhams in exchange for carpets.  We had them shipped home.   We spent the night in the gorge in a hotel built into the rocks.  Some of the rooms were caves.   Nice caves though.    The next morning we headed back north over the Atlas mountains, stopping at our drivers cousin's farm for a spot of tea and back to Fez and our wonderful Riad.  The next morning a car and driver took me back to Rabat where I spent a night on my own and off to the airport the next day.  It was such an amazing trip that I am going again this year with horse photographer friends this time.    Okay, that was too many words, but if you are interested in visiting Morocco, I highly recommend that you hire a good guide and enjoy!  I met many nice Moroccans.  A few that were tired of rude tourists, a few that were superstitious about having their photo taken and would not allow it.  Some were reluctant until you established a bit of connection.  Basically most just wanted the courtesy of being asked vs being treated by exhibits.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

I may or may not continue with this blog.  I am a lazy sort when it comes to blogging.  Facebook has definitely contributed to that just for ease of use and that is where the audience is...well, when Facebook allows it.
 For now, I am blogging on my own website marycornelius.com and maintain a page on Facebook  Mary Cornelius Photography  

I also will have updates to any photography workshops that I might have scheduled on the website blog.
Feel free to peruse my posts on this site for a bit of history and then head on over to my website!

Thanks for your interest.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Unenthusiastic Blogger

 I know, I know, I'm a really boring blogger (in case you haven't noticed)  I guess its because I am not sure who I am talking to and what they want to read.  So I keep it simple...and safe.  Safe because I am actually an irreverent smart ass and I'm trying to be business-like here.  And some days its just hard not to edit myself to smithereens.   Perhaps I should stop that.  :) 
 I do hope to be better at this blogging stuff as I find my self on a few exotic (to me) trips this Fall I hope that I can be more immediate in reporting my adventures.    
  If anything, it should be a good diary of musings for me to look back on.   It will all depend on if I  find useful internet connections in our hotels.

My photography clients should please note: I will be out of the country for the first half of October and the later part of November.   I will be home mid October to mid November though. 
This will be us. We'll blend right in.  :)

  September 30th I get on a plane to San Francisco to meet up with my friend Lorelei. from there, we take a red eye to Houston, hang out for a few hours and then board a plane to Hong Kong.  Once in Hong Kong, we board a plane to New Delhi,  quite a layover from Delhi, but finally, we board the  plane for our final destination on this junket, to Kathmandu.  Yes, k-k-k-Kathmandu. Its on the other side of the world!  I don't know how many, if any horses we will see, but plenty of the cultures of Nepal, temples, religious ceremonies, markets, people, art, food....etc etc.  Some say it can be overwhelming.  That's okay with me!  I will have my camera gear ready to see what I can see.  So looking forward to it!

As if that wasn't more than enough for the adventure hungry part of me, November 20th, I am joining my travel buddy/photographer friends Kim and Debbie on a trip to Istanbul. Ah the architecture and the food!
 Generally I am not that greedy to want to have two big trips so close to one another, but right after I booked my Kathmandu trip, Kim finally was ready to commit to Istanbul and well, she isn't allowed to go without me!  As it turns out, we will be in Turkey on our American Turkey Day.  I wonder what we will have for dinner.

In other news, I have put Dressage at DevonWood photos online and am working on keeping up with the ensuing orders from not just that show, but Champagne Classic and the Beaujolais Dressage Show, both were held at Donida Farm in WA.   August is the month where I try to enjoy a bit of the summer, no events to photograph scheduled, just fun stuff with friends, and a few farm calls and a dog show.  I pretty much just go to the dog show for the friends, the dogs and the margaritas, though I do show one of my dogs, its just the excuse.

September on my calendar has me photographing the  ODS Open and Championship show at DevonWood, (you can sign up for photographic services here)  a Holsteiner Inspection at Wild Turkey Farm and the KWPN-NA Keuring at Sonnenberg and then at the end of the month,  off to Kathmandu.

Time flies when you are having fun!  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

What a Great Workshop Day

What a great day for my second photography workshop at Wild Turkey Farm.
We had a few sprinkles and cloudy, misty skies in the morning, clearing to a lovely summer day photographing mares, foals and stallions in the beautiful fields at the farm.  
 The horses of course were fantastic, with the farm looking beautiful.
 Thank you Barbara Boothe Ellison for graciously hosting us. Stacie Burgess for your support efforts and to the participants for being such great students.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Workshop News

 The registration form is up for the Wild Turkey Farm Photography Workshop.
 Date: June 28th 2014


This past weekend I hosted an Image Processing Workshop in my office.  We worked on improving images in LightRoom, how to prepare and export images for various uses such as for prints or website use and learned about layer masks in Photoshop.  A very productive day!
The next day, joined by a few more photography enthusiasts, we visited FarmHill, a farm/boarding/training stable near Vancouver WA.  Where we photographed a variety of horses offered to us by their owners.  The weather turned out great.  A bit of light changing with the clouds and sun alternating, but that was good for people to work on adjusting their camera settings.  I gave tips on background and positioning, angles and using what light we had.
Thank you to FarmHill farm for hosting us and to all of the horse owners that so generously shared their horses with us.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

We've got things goin' on in the Photo Workshop & Dressage Show Dept.

 May 24th is the Image Processing Workshop at my office with its optional companion event on May 25th, a photo shoot of the horses at FarmHill Farm in the Vancouver/Battle Ground area.  A big variety of horses have been offered!  

Due to space constraints, there is just one spot available in the Post Processing Workshop.

We do have room at the Photo Shoot on Sunday for a few more. Just bring yourself and your camera and be ready to enjoy a morning (half day) of photographing a variety of horses turned out to pasture and some posed for us for portraiture.  Cost is $75.   Let me know of your interest and we can get you signed up.

You will get the most benefit out of the image processing workshop on Saturday if you can bring a laptop with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop installed.   Read more about the workshop the Photo Workshops tab at the top of the page.

June 28th is the date for the photo workshop at Wild Turkey Farm. 

 There should be at least 9 foals on the ground to photograph as well as a variety of stallions, mares and young colts and fillies out in the beautiful pastures at this beautiful private breeding farm.  Beautiful horses and scenic backgrounds.  There will be class time to help improve your photo skills as well.  It is not just a photo tour, but education so that you can take home some information to improve your photographic skills.  

I am hoping to firm up the date for my third workshop which will occur in August. (Aug 2 or 30th)   It should be a rare opportunity for some great portraiture!  Once I get my location set up, I will have more information to share.

Dressage Shows!   I just photographed Heart of the Valley Dressage and am working on processing the proofs for viewing. 

Next show on my schedule is the Beaujolais Dressage Show at Donida Farm in Auburn Washington.  June 13-14-15
Photographic services are by sign up.  http://marycornelius.zenfolio.com/dressage-show-sign-up-forms

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Travels & Getting Ready for the 2014 Event & Photo Workshop Season

 I've got my 2014 Events Calendar updated (you can find it in the right hand column of this blog)  Also, I have updated my 2014 Photography Workshops listings which you can find under the Photo Workshops tab at the top of this page. 


 I had a quiet Winter.  I planned it that way. I needed to sit back and think a bit. aka reinventing my mojo.    In February we took my Airstream down to Death Valley during the dark of the moon phase so that we could see as many stars as possible.  I met up with my pal in crime Sharon Fibelkorn Chapman.  (shown shooting Devil's Golf Course for some background material in photo below)

Death Valley is great in the winter not too hot, not too cold and so much to explore and just enjoy the low population density.  Big wide open skies turn into a starry night extravaganza.  We did some night photography so many stars!!! and some daytime desert photography to use as backgrounds for the conceptual images we have in our heads.  starry sky photo below was the first photo I took upon arriving at the campground.  15mm fish eye lens. As the huge starry sky tended to give me vertigo each time I looked up, the campground photo is accurate!

 At the end of the week we headed to Vegas, meeting up with our other pal in crime Kim Vickrey for a week of WPPI (Wedding Portrait Professionals International) You don't have to be a wedding photographer to attend, we attended many educational classes and received INSPIRATION of all kinds. So much fun!  The print competition and exhibit was amazing.  Another highlight is a huge product expo where we get lured into buying all kinds of things relating to our photography professions.  And of course, it was Vegas, so that added to the spice, although the MGM Grand is still as too big as ever.
Since I was staying on the Nellis Air Force base, I was often treated to some air show practice with the Thunderbirds.  I had a lot of fun photographing them. What a treat.  They are incredibly fast to follow with a camera and you cannot depend on the sound to tell you where they are.  By the time you hear them, they are gone.   

Recently I returned from Sacramento where I showed my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Hartley at the Stafford National Specialty weekend at the Cal Expo Center. He did great! and came home with a 5 pt major towards his AKC Grand Championship.   So in between photography assignments, I will be hitting a few more dog shows in an effort to finish his next level of conformation title.   But now its time to prepare for the 2014 dressage and farm call season as that is roaring up on us all.  Hello sunshine we've missed you! 


Just a reminder:  My 30% off Sale on event galleries is coming to a close in May.  

Friday, January 03, 2014

Ah Winter...and another year ticks over on the Calendar

Because I hit it pretty hard in the "sunny months" (a relative term here in the rain belt of Oregon) I tend to take the Winter time to recharge and focus on gaining new skills and playing around with concepts and planning projects that interest me. Sometimes I find myself just having some fun and not making photography at all.  Like throwing some paint on a few architectural pieces, kind of gypsy style.  I intend to throw more paint around on things, I find it rather therapeutic.

Then comes the business planning for 2014.  I find that psychologically we always get all "clean house and begin anew" energy all revved up.   January is fun that way.  Oh the possibilities of a fresh new year.

 I've had some inquiries about my workshops already for this year, so I thought I had better get on it.  I have two on location group type workshops in the planning stage and some other ideas for smaller group sessions for more intensified work.
 Then I started thinking a bit more and a bit more and then the ideas started coming a bit too fast and furious and I got excited by all of the possibilities.  Of course I was spurred on by a chat with my friend Kim Vickrey and we came up with all kinds of reasons for her to come back out this way and run off on some Airstream adventures as well as some photo shoots and workshop ideas.  Love it when that happens.   Often a period of do no thinking rewards you with an extra level of creativity.

I bought a weekend with artist Kimry Jelen as part of her fundraiser to get her work to the World Equestrian Games in France later this year.  I just love the color, texture and shapes that she uses in her work featuring horses as well as landscapes and a few other subjects.    Kimry is going to give some painting lessons to a small group.  She is supplying the materials.  We have 4 people attending.  Room for a couple more. Let me know if you think you might be interested in spending two 4 hour days taking some painting lessons (and most likely enjoying some wine and lots of fun)  You don't have to be a painter to join.  I haven't painted a picture since I was in my early 20's! So I expect to be pretty ...uh basic!   It will be located in the greater Portland area.

I am looking forward to taking my Airstream down to Death Valley before it gets hot. (that means soon)  Lots of landscape and night sky photography to be had there.  As well as warmer temps and just enjoying the energy that flows from absorbing nature vs the city.  If all goes according to plan, my partner in crime Sharon Fibelkorn Chapman will join me!   So looking forward to it.  Just a few more modifications to ye olde Airstream and we will be good for a big road trip and desert campin!

I will be photographing a few dressage shows and inspections as usual and always available to schedule private sessions at your farm or stable.  I am also going to try to add some formal portrait sessions at some shows.  Watch for my 2014 schedule once I have it confirmed and ready to post.
 I'm looking forward to an interesting year!

 My Happy New Year card to you all. 2014 Year of the Horse. Lets help to make it a year of peace, harmony and more understanding of all living things.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Special Textured Artworks

I am not one to jump on the Christmas bandwagon before Thanksgiving can even happen, but it takes time to create these images and get them delivered.  So here we go working behind the scenes for your  2013 Holiday season!
 Order a print or canvas from my galleries from any show, event, farm call, supply your own photo, or any of my own travels in size 16x20 or larger and my time to create a custom artistic texture treatment with the
image will be FREE. Offer ends December 31, 2013.   You can even supply your own photograph for me to work on.  Just be sure to have permission of the person who took the photo.

 Give one as a gift or as so many have done, treat yourself with your own custom artwork.

You can find pricing on a variety of sizes of prints and canvases and other items.  Once I have created the Artwork, it is able to be printed on more than one item.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Partnership With Deco Pony

 Did you know that you can get Mary Cornelius photographs on items made by Deco Pony?

Well you can!  

Deco Pony produces custom photo purses, designer handbags and Photo stall guards.  To get one of my photos of your horse on a Deco Pony product, you simply find the image that you want them to use in my galleries.  Note the file number, which year, which horse and rider or owner and which gallery.  Tell Deco Pony what you want, pay the appropriate amount and Voila!  You will have a photo of your horse that was taken by Mary at an event or during a private photo session.

Read here for directions on what to do.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This Old Lens

This old lens has served me well. When I made the decision to come back to photography in 2003, after a few years of what I termed "permanent retirement" aka burnout.  I bought this lens. Canon 70-200 2.8 USM L series.

I'm pretty sure I used the money I received from selling my lovely homebred  Hanoverian mare.  Along with that purchase was a Canon 1D camera body, that some years back made its way to a new owner in Australia as I upgraded my technology with a newer camera body. Actually several camera bodies since then. 
 At the time, this lens was the most expensive and best quality lens I had ever purchased. It is still a top quality lens and the choice of most Canon owning sports shooters.
  It has traveled far and wide helping me to capture images in Holland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Canada and all over the US.  It has covered three FEI World Cups, one Aachen CHIO, two Dressage at Devons, two Palm Beach Dressage Derbies, several trips out to a variety of wild horse herds and countless dressage, breed shows, inspections and private photo sessions on a variety of farms.
 So as I handed it off to its new owner today, (freshly back from its reconditioning at Canon Factory Repair Services)  it was not without a small bit of a twinge of "am I sure?" but being a bit of a photographic equipment pack rat I knew it was the right thing to do.  I hope that some good karma is also passed along with it.

Keep keepin on old trusty, in the hands of another visual artist with new travels and adventures to capture via images.    Me, I have the next generation of Canon 70-200 f2.8 workhorse lens and already it has gathered some great travels under its "focusing ring".

Now to get serious about re-homing some of these camera bags I seem to have collected....

Monday, August 05, 2013

Models, Horses & Fabulous Costumes and then Starry Night Skies

I've been working on assignments, dressage shows and farm calls for several weeks straight.  The big shows are the most work and therefore the most stressful, so I was more than ready for some FUN.

First up was the Narnia Farm Workshop, what a blast we had!  Super models, horses and costumes galore.  It was perfect weather and light for it.  We had a beautiful forest and a golden field of grass at the top of a hill to set up in. Thank you Marla Eden for sharing your lovely property with us all. 

 I had kept the group small so that it would be easier for everyone to have a good view of our subject matter.  The new experience for me was to step back and let the participants have their way with the angles and to let Kim art direct.  Not in my nature!  But making sure that this was a great experience for everyone by helping to set up for the light conditions by remaining aware of positioning was tops on my list so I learned a little restraint.  *smile*   I have seen some great work coming out of this workshop from those that have chosen to share so far.  Very encouraging!   

Thank you so much to Stacie Burgess and Maeve Callahan for co-ordinating all the wonderful costumes and dressing our models.  Thanks to Desiree Fitterer for providing two bags of costumes to play with as well.   Thank you Stacie for allowing us to use your wonderful mare Nadia, Tonna Farrar and the magnificent Friesian stallion Vogue, what a pair!  Thanks to Sheryl Ruddolph for providing the wonderful Welsh Cob Monty as our "chestnut in the sunset" horse.  Thanks to Amelia, Sam, Sophia and Morgan for modeling so well.  Thanks to Kim Vickrey for sharing some of her portraiture techniques with us all.  Last but not least, to all of our participants who took a chance and came to this crazy "models and costumes" photography workshop. 

Amelia, started out in Kim's famous tutu and listened so well to direction.

 Tonna Farrar and Vogue were a fantastic pair in a wonderful costume.  Tonna's feathered headdress was just "her". 

 Amelia Winkelman made great strides in learning how to model for the camera.  She started out eager to do whatever was asked and it showed in her face in a questioning manner and by the time this photograph was taken, she was practically a pro.  She had the moves, the expressions and the 'tude to look straight into each camera.  A great transition.

This is probably my favorite image of Morgan Carver.  She looks rather impish here.  Perfectly at home on or beside a horse (even ponies who insist on eating the grass) I think that Morgan has lots of  different "looks".  Wish we had more time to explore some of the possibilities.  But the sun slipped behind the trees and it was time to wrap it up!

I have more models and scenes to add later but this is all I had time for this week.

Starry Night Skies!
I had Kim Vickrey and Marie Cobb visiting me and once the workshop concluded, we had some free days.  I just happened to have my ready to travel Airstream Trailer that I felt should spend a couple of days housing us up in the Columbia River Gorge while we explore a bit.   So I reserved a space in the Maryhill State Park, bought a Groupon to the Maryhill Art Museum and we set off on the following Monday to show Kim the "dry side" of what was once the Oregon Territory.

 My 1958 Airstream set up at our camp. Wherever we go, it always attracts attention.   It was important to have it nearby because after dinner and setting up our cameras, we dressed as ninjas with headband lights and lots of camera gear and drove the 2 miles to the Stonehenge replica to spend the night trapsing around in the dark setting up long exposures with our cameras.  The monument sits out above the Columbia River Gorge with wonderful views.  It is just a monument sitting in plain view in an undeveloped area that serves as a parking lot for the various travelers that seek it out.  At night its a bit spooky at first, but we soon got comfortable.

   This was our first foray out into the night to photograph the starry sky.  Alas, it was a bit cloudy and there was smoke in the air from a large fire north of us.  But we did get to see some stars, learn a lot about our cameras and exposures, and had a super great time.  We got to bed about 4am and with the trailer all snug and so close, there was no 2 hr drive back to Portland happenin that night!   We slept until about 9am when the camp was just a bit too awake to ignore anymore.   What fun!  I think we are addicted.  There will be more adventures. 

 The Stonehenge Monument erected by Sam Hill to honor those that fought in WW I.  You can see that the Milky Way is trying to peek out from the clouds.  The moon was rising by then so it was not going to get any more defined that night.  Another time.

 The happy accident, a flash went off during one of my long exposures, just frosting the edges of the monument.  The red lights to the right are windmills lit up for aircraft.    So much fun!  If you want to play around with your camera out shooting night skies, check out Ben Canales site, he has a tutorial to get you started.  I am already thinking of a variety of locations away from city lights that  I am going to haunt with my camera in the wee hours of the night.

Now, lets enjoy August! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July in the Whirl

Coming right up is the Champagne Classic Dressage Show at Donida where I will serve as the official photographer.   I will be packing the Airstream and arriving on Friday in time to set up and take sign ups for photographic services for the show.  Accompanying me will be Marie Cobb from Louisiana who has just put in 6 weeks in California photographing for Amy McCool.  We will be set up in the vendor area.  You can't miss the big shiny thing.
When we wrap up Champagne Classic and head back home, it will then be time to chain myself to the computer for a few days to get the proofs all sorted, processed and up in their galleries and then get ready to do it again at ....  Dressage at DevonWood in Sherwood OR.

Photography at Dressage at DevonWood.
We'll be on the show grounds on Thursday afternoon to start taking sign ups for Photographic Services.   Flying in from Boise Idaho will be Tracey Bish to help me photograph the show.
Tracey helped me photograph the Chablis/Beaujolais show at Donida in June. Marie is remaining in town with me and will be on hand to take sign ups and take care of downloading all of our images onto the computer and getting them cataloged.
We will have a sign up table in or near the show office. But our main base of operations will be in my vintage silver Airstream trailer up in the vendor area.  Probably the far left side, so look for us there!
You can't miss a big silver bullet!

After Dressage at DevonWood, its back to many hours on the computer sorting and processing all of the images and getting them up in their galleries for viewing.  We hope to get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible because on Thursday Kim Vickrey flies in from Arkansas and on Saturday we are holding a photographic workshop at Narnia Farm.  

A day of rest ...Whew!   They say you shouldn't announce travel plans on the internet, someone might come and rob your house, but my house is never without humans and dogs in it, so I can also say that after our one day of rest, we pack up the Airstream again and head out to the Columbia River Gorge for a girls camping trip.  Some touring of the Maryhill Winery, Maryhill Museum of Art and some night sky photography away from the city lights!  Hopefully we don't drink so much wine that we just go to sleep instead!
Its summer, we've got to make hay while the sun shines, right?
Happy July everyone.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beaujolais/Chablis Shows- Farm Call Sessions and Editorial Assignments oh my!

I've been busy!  Its my busiest time of the year.   I just have time to highlight some recaps and post a little news.
 I am now maintaining two proof gallery sites and I know that has been a bit confusing for some.  I will be slowly weaning us all off of the exposure manager site. 
2012 galleries are at their original location at http://www.marycornelius.exposuremanager.com

My 2013 galleries are to be found at http://www.marycornelius.zenfolio.com
The new Zenfolio site should be more user friendly and includes many more options for keeping up with my blog, finding my dressage show sign up forms and offering many more products.

Last week I brought my vintage Airstream up to Donida to use as my base of operations to photograph the Beaujolais/Chablis shows.  The Airstream has been undergoing renovations on the interior and the systems and it was its inaugural test run. Aside from a few minor issues, everything was working as it should.  I need some practice on canopy set up and must remember to plug into an actual live socket.  :)
My new crew got things sorted out pretty fast and then we set to work.   Many thanks to my assistant photographer Tracey Bish and my invaluable office person Kristy Batie for all their expert help.  I hadn't been to Donida for many years, so there were many changes and new things to get used to.  New venue, new crew, new trailer!
 It was a good show and although we were working hard, I found it most enjoyable.  Images from that show can be found at the above zenfolio link.  
Even the Traveling Wee Horse  (one of 12 identical ponies who travel the world seeking adventure in memory of photographer Susan Sexton) enjoyed his visit.  He got to ride Rossi, Molly Martin's grand prix dressage horse. 

 My first photography workshop is now history. It was held at Wild Turkey Farm on June 1.  Participants say they learned a lot and were thrilled to be able to photograph such a large collection of beautiful Holsteiner horses. I learned a lot too, treasure all the feedback I received and look forward to some more photographic workshop adventures in the future.

My next photography workshop is July 27th at Narnia Farms.  We have just a couple of spots left if you would like more information check out the workshop tab at the top of this blog.  This is a much smaller more intimate workshop with a very different format.  We will all be working together to create images of some beautiful horses and riders/models as well as learning some photoshop techniques.  I have invited my friend Kim Vickrey to help lead this workshop.  It should be lots of fun and I can't wait to see the images that we all come up with.

The July issue of Flying Changes has my photo artwork of Wild Turkey Farm's Ayla WT on the cover.The image was taken during the American Holsteiner Horse Assn Approvals. 

My next competitive events where I am the official photographer are the Champagne Classic at Donida and Dressage at DevonWood at.... DevonWood.  All take place in July.  See you there! 

I am scheduling photo farm sessions as my schedule and the weather allows.   I am particularly enjoying the horse portraiture.   If you can gather at least 5 of your barn friends and their horses together in one spot, you can get in on my group discount which has proven to be quite popular and a good economical way to go.

  In the morning I am flying off to Idaho on a photographic assignment for an upcoming article in Practical Horseman so I had better finish and get packing! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Gallery Site and more!

This past weekend I was the official photographer for the Heart of the Valley Dressage Show held at DevonWood Eq Ctr.  I have uploaded the photographs to a new proof gallery site.  I am still getting set up and moved in to this site but HOV photos are all there for viewing and purchasing prints, digital files and a variety of items such as aprons, tote bags, day planners, calendar greeting cards mugs and photos printed on aluminum as well as canvas. 

 The site will also serve to host photo proofs from my private sessions as well as some of my fine artworks offerings.  So while it is far from finished, it is a functional start ready to start serving my clients and customers in 2013.  
Photo proofs from 2012 are currently still available at my other sales site.   I chose the new site because it is alive with improvements being made that keep my business moving forward for clients.  It has so much more flexibility for design, product offerings, updated social media integration,  links to information and forms for my business as well as workshop info and my blog. 

I will be listing more products that will be available directly through me as well. 

Workshop Update
My first workshop for amateur photographers at Wild Turkey Farm filled quickly. We are looking forward to an exciting day on June 1.  Thank you all!

My second workshop, to be held 2 months later on July 27th at Narnia Farm just south of Wilsonville has a few spots open.  I will be putting out an update soon.  The deadline for early bird registration at a discount is June 30.     Link to registration form  

My next competition to photograph will be in high desert sagebrush country at the Central Oregon Dressage Classic to be held at Brasada Ranch.   Photographic services are by sign up.

Monday, April 01, 2013

The Birthday Party

 I when I heard that the thoroughbred mare Lady M had turned 30 years of age and was having a birthday party, I knew I had to include her in my elder horse project.  As the fates had designed, I was showing my dogs in conformation at an AKC dog show just one hour north and well in time for the party which would normally have been 2 hours drive south from my home.
 Lady M was dressed in her party best, a light sprinkling of glitter on her coat and a colorful, sparkly party hat (that she was most patient about wearing) Lots of goodies and a wonderful cake just for her of fine ground carrots.  She wasted no time eating it all and appeared to take all the party and guest fuss in stride. 
Lady M and Sarah Kress have been together for 24 of Lady's 30 years.  I'm thinking that the Lady helped to raise Ms Sarah and the bond between the two of them was very apparent.   Lady M looks fabulous for her 30 years. She looks fabulous if she was just half that age.  I wish her many more healthy happy years.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photo Session in The Enchanted Woods

To be candid, this past winter I have been in a creative slump.  Just nothing was percolating for the past 3 months.  Sometimes you just can't force these things and just need to direct focus elsewhere.  My focus has been showing my dogs in conformation classes, planning the remodeling of my 1958 Airstream and planning my two summer photography workshops. With the days growing longer, I started to feel a spark of creativity and thought I should take advantage of it.
I have long had visions of doing a series of horses in the woods. I was starting to get some visions that I wanted to play with.  This past weekend I got together with my friend Stacie Burgess for some photo shoot research.  Stacie is a good git er done co-hort with lots of ideas and seemingly a huge secret room of talented and creative friends.
 She also just happens to have one of the best photo subject horses around in Nadia, her lovely gray Andalusian mare.   Add in Stacie's beautiful friend Maeve in wood nymph attire, an enchanted woods and some almost but not quite indifferent light and voila!  This is what came out of my camera.   Isn't it fun!
 Hopefully we will have a chance to work with something along these lines at my July 27th  Equestrian Lifestyle and Portraiture Photography Workshop.  Anyone feeling like this type of photo session would be awesome, starring YOU, drop me a line, we can chat and see what we could set up.  Its not that hard and it is so much fun. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Happenings.

 My work is featured this week in the  Cavalcade Equestrian Fashion and Culture Blog
Check it out and explore the rest of Danielle Demer's online collection of equine visual and material culture where she maintains a focus on art, fashion, decor, accessories, and design concerning all things equestrian and equine.

I don't do very well at categorizing or explaining my work, I think I am too busy creating it. So it is fascinating to me to read how others interpret it.  It is like receiving a gift when I receive feedback and especially when it is so descriptive and positive! 
"Mary Cornelius's photography is particularly impressive due to the many styles and emotions she is able to capture. Her personalized farm call portrait session work is just as beautiful and elegant as her fine art photo portfolio. The selected work featured below merely provides a tiny glimpse at Cornelius' vast and varied photographic compositions." 
 ~ Danielle Demer., Cavalcade

Thank you for this invitation to share my work with your readers Danielle!  

 Dressage Show season is coming up in the Pacific NW

Already a few shows have been held.  My first show for 2013 is Heart of the Valley Dressage in May at DevonWood Eq Ctr.  Photographic services at the shows are by sign up.  I have a new option for signing up in advance.  You can fill out the interactive PDF form save it, and email it back to me. Then send a check by mail or pay at the show.
Below looking oh so handsome if one of my favorite photo subjects Quantro.  He and Leslie Chapman had just completed a test in the rain. Nice light to photograph in, but wet horse and rider!

I am hosting two photography workshops this summer.  The first one is June 1 at Wild Turkey Farm in Wilsonville.  It is geared towards Amateur hobbyists.  We will have class time and time out in the pastures photographing the foals and young horses that are bred at this world class facility.
This workshop is very nearly filled, just a few spots left!

My second workshop is July 27th at Narnia Farm.    This workshop is geared towards intermediate-advanced amateurs and professionals.  We will be photographing horse and human subjects in costumes and exploring light, composition and various other techniques including tips on  connecting with our subject matter to put the best of them into our images.  A session on Photoshop techniques will also be part of the day. 

We are just beginning to accept registrations for this workshop.  We are starting to get some really fun and exciting models lined up to work with.  This should be a really fun day.

To help lead this workshop, I am bringing in my friend Kim Vickrey, a fine art photographer with horses and humans as her specialty, and professor of graphic arts at Arkansas State University.  Kim is the originator of Tutu Couture, a really fun photo session that she offers in her area.  It is really catching on.   I think it looks just darn fun! Did I mention fun much?   I could say FUN a few more times. I think its a great concept to obsess on! 

You can get more information on the workshops with links to the registration forms by clicking on the workshop tab at the top of this blog.