Friday, August 22, 2008

So much to do, so little time

I haven't been keeping my blog updated because I have been so busy that there just hasn't been any time. We just completed our AIM Sport Horse Classic and AHA region 4 sport horse championships weekend. I brought a crew in, Amy Cody from Cape Cod Mass. and Sharon Fibelkorn from LA area. We set to work in very hot temperatures over the weekend. It was a weekend of survival thanks to about a case of bottled water. Being primarily sport horse photographers, the Arabian take on the sport horse world was new to us, and fun to immerse ourselves in.

You can see what we shot here: AIM Sport Horse Classic AHA Region 4 Sport Horse Championships

With Dressage at Devonwood and the ODS Breeders Showcase orders coming in as well, order response time will not be a quick as it has been. I am snowed under, but am doing the best I can to keep moving through it.

Next up in this whirl of events is the ISR/Oldenburg inspection at Ultimate Piaffe at the end of August and the ODS Championship show the middle of September. That will be the end of the show season that I am photographing and it will be time to catch up with the orders, farm calls and hopefully get some down time at the beach before the weather goes away!

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